Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Forrest's Momma was right, "You never know what youre gonna get"

It's been a great journey so far...

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The title of my post says it all, as Sha'ahn and I approach our 1yr anniversary of us meeting. 

Now, guys this usually is not as big of a deal to us as it is to them, so go with it, if your woman is excited.

With it being our one year anniversary, I thought I would step back and do a "relationship analysis".  In doing so, I broke the past year into quarters.  That is the businessman in me. 

This is an OVERALL picture.  Sha'ahn has several posts of detailed situations that I actually have never fully read.  I am not going to go deep into those at this time, and plan to give my side, one at a time, in my future posts.  Stay tuned for THAT! LOL

1st qtr:  Well, everyone now knows how we met. (both versions/sides)  I know the first 3 months was more of me pursuing Sha'ahn. 

She was still kind of involved, or at least ending it with Mr whoever.  Overall, at this time we both were feeling it out and simply letting nature take its course.  Sha'ahn was not very expressive, or at least I know that now, because she says she did not want me to know how much she was into me.

But actions speak volumes, and I was not thinking she was all into me like that. She just didn't show it. You know what they say about "hard to get;" it makes you push harder. So I did. I know  she is used to being aggressively pursued, and it was no different with me. I always expressed that I wanted her, but she was dragging her feet!

2nd qtr:  Holiday time!  Things were definitely getting more serious between us.  But at this point, when we talked about it together, we both admit that we were not all in. I think we almost broke up a couple of times between the holidays and the new year.  

It was really eye opening, but it made us both think to ourselves, and decide how important (or unimportant) this relationship was to us. Obviously you know what our individual conclusions were pertaining to that.

3rd qtr:  Time to step it up a notch.  I will say coming out of the 2nd qtr, though we discussed and mutually agreed to make it work, we both were probably a little leery. I am so glad Sha'ahn and I have great communication when it comes to addressing anything, good, bad, or sad.  

This part of the timeline is when serious talks about the future of our relationship started. This is also the infamous road trip to upstate NY (you will hear my version of that, real soon).  But at the end of this qtr, I think we both realized that the other was dead serious about making it all work.

4th qtr:  For this quarter, I will say its been nothing but positive growth, totally fun, and a bursting forth of love.  This segment includes the infamous weekend over this past 4th of July.  I am not saying we needed it at all, but it was like a B-12 shot to our love

We have grown even closer, and love even harder.  I am going to continue to ride this "love cloud".

As the title says, you really do not know what you are going to get in a person, or opportunity.  So, to sum it up, relationships have ups and downs, and its all about both of you wanting it to work.... 

As for us, WE DO....  Happy anniversary to you Sha'ahn!

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