Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Territory: We Meet


Back to blogging. I know I've been doing videos (vlogging) for a year now, but tonight, Im starting a new series of blog posts, which will probably be more written than videos, because quite frankly, Im using this blog as a diary of sorts.

This series, "New Territory," will chronicle my relationship with a new prospect. Yes, Im the serial dater, so how can anything be new territory for me? The thing is, this guy has three children, and they are all under the age of 13.

If you've been following this blog or my YouTube channel, (Soulntuition) you'll notice that I NEVER date men with children at home. Yes, at 37 years old, I havent yet dated anyone with custody of kids before. I don't know how that happened, but it did. Even he was surprised about that fact.
Speaking of he, I realize I havent even given him a name yet, have I?

I guess I'll call him, "Dimples," since he told me that most women find his dimples amazing and sexy. Personally, I think his lips are his best feature, but I can't call him, "Lips," because that's just weird.

Anyway, as you know, I have a dating profile online and that's how I met Dimples. It was back in July. Right before July 4th because I remember he mentioned in his initial message that maybe we could do something for Independence Day I think. I didnt check the message until weeks later because I was dating someone for about 9 months (Remember Mr. Potential?)

I messaged him back after checking his profile that I was rarely on the site and I left my mobile number for him to text me when he got a chance.

Im not sure how many days passed before I got a text from him saying he was in my area and although it was short notice, would I be up to meet. I honestly did not know who was texting me. But since I only give out my number to potential prospects, I didnt let on to him that I didnt know who he was. I dont give out my number often, but I think I gave it out to two people that last time I check my messages on the dating site. I wasnt sure which one he was. But it really didnt matter. I trusted my judgement.

At first, I agreed to meet up at my usual place. But after I got home from school, I decided to stay in. I texted him as much, and he said he was going to head over to the sports bar, where we had decided to meet, anyway. If I changed my mind, he would be there.

We texted a little more and after a while, I changed my mind and decided to go meet him. I cant remember exactly what he said, but I think it was the fact that he never tried to convince me to come out was what did it.

I am so glad I went. When I got to Mick's, I spotted him immediately, and I was very pleased. When I saw him, I remembered his online profile. Let me say that none of his pictures did him any justice! He's tall, dark and extremely handsome. In my opinion he has model good looks. He has beautifully flawless skin that is a ruddy brown. Ethnically ambiguous, he also looks young for his age. (That means he doesnt take life too seriously and doesnt carry a lot of stress) Curly hair, and dimples. My favorite feature are his lips. His eyes are a close second. Long lashes and curled... He wore a simple tee shirt and jeans, but I could tell he had good taste in clothes. His watch complimented his outfit, and I really liked that.

Whats really great is that we are nearly the same age. He's a year older than I am. I like that. I think we relate well because of our ages. We are also compatible zodiac signs too. He's a Sagittarius, and Im a Libra. We think so much alike and we are very open communicators, which is great.

He is so open, and a very good conversationalist. I had a really good night with him. My mom happened to call me while we were together so I told her a bit about him and that I was on my first date. I told her he was pretty hot. She asked me to send a picture. I sent it. He wasnt even weirded out that I took his picture on our first date! LOL He's a really good sport.

The evening was pleasant. I learned that he was divorced with three pre-teens. (Agghhh Scary!)
He had a job that required him to travel every so often, but also afforded him a somewhat flexible schedule. Although he has shared custody with his ex, he told me that he has his children most of the time. He loves children and enjoys raising them.

Ya'll know this scared the crap out of me! But at the time, it didnt matter because I wasnt sure what would happen. It was only our first date, so no worries, right? Besides, I had to decide what I really even was doing there with Dimples in the first place... Guess at the time I was just looking for attention that I was lacking from P.

Yup, I was still seeing Mr Potential, but I knew right away that Dimples could replace him easily. Mr P was taking me for granted and not treating me very well. I was tired of the ups and downs, and bullshit that P was putting me through. We didnt have much in common life-wise, but we connected mentally. That connection wasnt strong enough, because Mr P did not take time to cultivate it. I was ready to move on. But not 100% sure. I wanted more motivation. That was the real reason behind me checking my dating emails.

I cant express how glad I am that I not only checked my messages when I did, but that I also went out to meet Dimples that night. He told me recently that he was thinking about how we almost missed our chance to meet. And he wondered what would have happened if I hadnt changed my mind.

him the night we met


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