Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plenty of Fish and Me

one of the photos i put on POF
As I write this blog post, Im listening to my iTunes playlist. Havent listened to it in quite some time. Right now, Drake's, Take Care, is playing. Im sitting in bed wearing a pink robe with white polka dots. its like my favorite piece of clothing ever!

Anyway, Im thinking about last night's date and I must say that it was really good. I was originally going to post about the date I had last Friday. But last night is more fresh in my mind, so Im going to go through that one first.

As I wrote in the previous post below, I made a profile on a dating web site called, Plenty of Fish. It's not extremely "sophisticated" like or anything, but its free, and it does have like a personality test and whatnot to match people's chemistry. I joined on a whim. I recently stopped dating someone, and I had like virtually no friends, and I needed to get out. I began a career selling cars, which takes up so much of my time, that I really had a hard time meeting guys. It got to the point where I began asking my customers to hang out. (Not the men, the cool chicks)

There were instances of customers asking me out, but Im a bit more professional than that.


I believe I joined POF May 25 or so. My profile basically says Im open for a long-term relationship, but Im not trying to jump in with just anyone. Im looking for quality over quantity. And Im super choosy about who I make time for. A good way to get people's attention on POF is to look through pics and choose whether you would want to meet a person. You can also send quick messages to prospects. Its really not a bad setup at all. The chat function doesn't work though. But other than that, its cool.

I receive several messages a day, mostly from men I wouldnt date in a million years. Some guys look plain ole' creepy!! Others seem cool, but I just cant see myself meeting them. I like to go through pictures and then choose that way, instead of doing a search. Now, I ain't scared. If I see someone I like, I send a message to them. I wasnt very successful. LOL I mean NOBODY I found attractive responded. I kept trying anyway. I figured there's plenty of fish. One will bite.

One did about three days in. He's a Puerto Rican Marine who just got stationed here from Japan. He was my first POF date. It was an awesome date. We actually went out twice.

I could tell that I wasnt going to get into anything serious with the Marine, so I kept sending messages to prospects on POF. A few days later, I got a reply. At first, I wasnt going to write the guy at all. One, is he's a doctor. I relish attention, and doctors are NOT known to be able to give much attention. But I thought about my own profession and I know I dont have all the free time in the world myself, so maybe we could figure something out. The other reason I hesitated not writing to this guy is because his profile was titled, "Peter Pan Looking for His Wendy."

Ummm yeah.

I read on and I kept it moving. The next day, I went back. Why? He was hot. LOL So, I decided to read his summary. I liked what I read. It showed he had a sense of humor. It showed he was intelligent and imaginative. I liked it. He also made reference to his potential Wendy not having to be a brunette. I thought maybe that meant he was open to interracial dating.

I took a shot and sent a short message.  It said:

"aww you seem like fun! you also are very handsome. anyway, my sister's a pathologist. whats your area of expertise? are you open to dating outside your race? okay, enough questions for now, i guess.
check out my profile, and if i seem like someone youd like to get to know, drop a line.

He wrote back a day later and he responded positively. Im not going to post his exact response but I will give you the exact words he used to express how he felt about interracial dating because I think its sweet:

"no i'm not restricted to my own race. color TV is always better than black/white, can't eat one kind of rice all my life, rainbow is always more beautiful than just sunlight...right??!!"

Needless to say I responded with my phone number. I told him I wanted to meet right away to make sure he wasnt a catfish. LOL

I will end the post here because its getting long. Will post the date recap tomorrow.


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