Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Territory: Our First Valentine's Day Might Suck

I'm not sure how Valentine's Day is going to turn out because James is really not that "into" it. He's all like, " What should I do? Dinner? Guys always fail at this stuff."

With an attitude like that, why would I think it'd be a good holiday?
Besides, I'm not sure he even has anything planned because I had told him that I didn't want to do anything because when we had our fight two weeks ago, I just told him to forget everything! I was so upset. 

But... We made up. And you know everyone keeps asking me what am I doing for Valentine's Day. It sucks to answer with, "I don't know" or "Nothin!" 

I'm a big romantic at heart, so I treat James very well. I don't think that excuses me from doing something special on V-Day. For some reason, a lot of guys are using that same line about guys messing up as a cop out! Or they say, they treat their women well so why do anything for that day differently. 

I debated about bringing it up. But I don't want my first Valentine's Day with James to become a bad memory without us even trying to do anything.


... this past Tuesday, I texted him this: 

Yes, I had already written a blog talking about how Valentine's Day was going to suck because of our fight. Lol 

Let's see how this day turns out. 

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