Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Territory: I Told My Son About Him

As you know, I have a teenage son. James hasn't met him yet. I hadn't even told my son I was dating yet. I needed to make up my mind about James first.

I don't like introducing men to my son unless I believe I have a candidate for a long term relationship. 

I spoke with my son yesterday and told him I was seeing someone I really liked. I told him James has three children. 

My son asked me whether he is the oldest, and I told him he is. Then he told me that he will size James up when he first shakes his hand. He said he will let me know if he picks up any bad vibes. 

I said, "Cool, let me know if I need to watch out for anything!" 

My son is protective of me. We make a great team.


Cherie King said...

Awww, what a cool kid! That's right, size him up baby! lol

Sha'ahn said...

Yesss! He's my first love

Stella said...

Your son and you have a special bond, you take care of each other!