Wednesday, August 5, 2015

She Wasnt Looking for Someone with Kids...

Here is one of the photos Sha'ahn had up that I thought was a glamour shot

Hello to our readers and followers.  I hope everyone is smiling about someone.  I know I am, and will have to explain that on another post. Its just NICE to be with someone who allows you to be you, and motivates you…
So, I wanted to write about how Sha’ahn and I met, from my side of things.   I only want to say one thing before I type…. I have never read her version, LOL.. So here it goes.

I met her almost a year ago.  We both had online dating profiles.  I remember seeing her pic online and thinking to myself, this is probably not a real pic of her, or of her currently, and it possibly may even a “glamour shot”.  She was BEAUTIFUL in all of her pics though, even the ones that were not portfolio pics.  So having been into the online dating off and on and talking with different women, I know that if you look like a model, or simply pretty, you may get 50+ messages a day. 

So then out went my message to her.  It told little about me and I think I asked her out or to meet up.  I never heard back, and simply thought she was not interested.  Then about 2 weeks later, I got a message from her… and YES I was smiling!!! The message said, she wasn’t on the site a lot, so instead of the back and forth, here is my cell, and to give her a call… So you know, I tried to wait a while before I used the number, lol… But she had made me WAIT, so fellas, you know what we do….

Then I did it… Actually, I think it was a text. Anyways, she did respond, and I think we exchanged pics, to recall one another.  She picked a spot near here home, and we were set to meet after she got out of school, went home, and changed… Once home, she text me to say, she didn’t feel up to coming out, plus it was pouring rain.  I said cool, I was already at the place she picked, and that I would be there if she changed her mind.  I never pressed her up to come out.  Fellas, if you don’t know, that will go a long ways… While I had a drink, we continued to text.  We kept exchanging compliments, and asking questions.  I remember telling her, from her pics, I have her facial features and structure, I would be able to tell she was in front of me, eyes closed, and with the touch of my fingers… I don’t know if it was me saying that or the fact I didn’t ask her to come out, but either way, she had a change of heart and decided to meet me.  By this time I had been there about an hour.

OK, she walks in the door, BAM!!! I know its her immediately.  It was the feeling of when the finest girl gets transferred in the middle of the school year to your school, LOL!!!  I stood up, she sat down.   Both of us couldn’t stop smiling, and hers was so beautiful.  After a short while, I switched sides of the booth, so we would be next to one another.  We talked, laughed, ate, and had a couple of drinks.  It was very refreshing.  The one thing, and I had remembered her online profile saying something about this… She wasn’t looking for someone with kids. 

I guess sometimes, if you are into someone, and enjoying the time spent, your “non-negotiable” might become negotiable…. and that's LOVE

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