Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our First Anniversary Approaches, Help, I Dunno What to Do

What should I do for our Anniversary?
So, yeah, James and I are coming up on our first anniversary and I am not sure what I should do to celebrate it. I mean, I dont have the most romantic mind, so I am at a loss as to what I can do that will demonstrate how much I love and care for him. I am also on a budget, so I ain't gonna be taking any extravagant vacation either. 

As far as the blogging and stuff, I'll definitely make a special post and video to commemorate the occasion. But what to do for my man personally.... It's not that I don't have any ideas. I just think the ideas I do have are boring.

I would actually list my ideas here, but now that James has access to these posts, I don't want to ruin the element of surprise.

If you have suggestions, send me an email to SHAAHN @ME .COM. All ideas are welcome. Thx in advance. If I choose your idea, I will definitely shout you out in a post to come.

I guess I could catch you all up a bit on things with James and his kids, since you're already here and reading.

Things are going well. I hung out with James and his children on July 4, and they also came by my place for dinner. It was pretty uneventful, but that's a good thing. His children are well-mannered and kind to each other. I think that is a good sign. We all get along just fine.

James and I still toy with the idea of having a child and getting a home.

Right now, he is focused on building up his small business of moving govnt freight, and Im just building my esthetic business. Life is rolling along.

Sorry there's nothing exciting to post about this week. However, we have awesome Periscope broadcasts, so if you're inclined, please follow us at J_Shaahn or my account Soulntuition. We broadcast on both channels.

We are growing closer every day, and truly enjoy each other's company. I was just thinking the other day when we were talking in the kitchen how it seemed like I was talking with one of my homegirls. That's how comfortable I am with James.

Oh and yesterday when I got home, he was already here and cleaning! He rarely cleans my place, other than pick up after himself. Yall!!! I walked into the kitchen and who was cleaning the bathroom? James! He had his headphones in, so he couldnt hear me behind him.

I was just watching him scrub the toilet, and showing off his plumber's crack. When he stood up to begin wiping the sink, he noticed me and jumped. He pulled back his arm as though he was gonna swing. I just stood there trying not to laugh.

He said, "Why didnt you say anything?" I said, "I like watching you."

He grabbed me and kissed me. He noticed my new pink hair, and said it looked pretty, but he always told himself he would NEVER date a woman with fantasy colors in her hair, like blue or pink or green. I said, "Man, please!" Im an artistic person, so there goes that.

He told me I looked beautiful, so he didnt even care. LOL

He had to work, so he didnt stay over, but I was glad he stopped by. I later found out that he cleaned all the bathrooms in the house (4), because he knows my dad is coming to visit and he was just helping dust off stuff and straighten up a little. That was really nice.

That's all I have today you guys. Thanks for supporting us!



Power Noir said...

I'm so happy things are going well!!! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!!

Sha'ahn said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom a while back!