Thursday, July 16, 2015

Im Happy

Im telling you guys, July Fourth Weekend still hasnt worn off yet. James and I are getting even closer. I know we already were close, but the underlying mistrust had us off-balance deep down. Both of us could feel it like a silent undercurrent.

Now that we are really free and into each other, our love is even stronger.

Remember I had to 'make' James take me out once a month and stuff? Well, since July 2, we have been out four times! LOL Twice were impromptu dates. Prime example: Last week (I think it was a Thursday) after school, I told James I had a taste for seafood. I told him mussels would be good. I really wasnt that pressed to eat mussels, I was just saying I could eat them. You know? Anyway, I got showered and ready for bed. It was after 9PM.

When I came out the bathroom, I got in my pj's and climbed in bed. James comes into the room and tells me to get dressed because he's made reservations. I said, "Reservations? at this hour? Where?" He told me it was a surprise and to hurry and get dressed so we dont miss our reservation.

I get dressed and we get in the car. We drive for an hour! Im like, "Where the heck are we going?"
He said, "You'll see."

We end up in Georgetown at Fisher Farmer Baker. They take reservations until 11:45PM. Yay! We get there, and guess what? They are out of mussels! LOL but it was ok. We had a great time. And I was so impressed that James was so spontaneous. I LOVED it. We had a great night at the Harbour. And afterward, when we got to the parking garage, before we got to our car, we were getting frisky right in public! OH SNAP!
drinks at farmer fisher baker

Then this Monday, he tells me he wants to blog with me. At first I was against it, because honestly, blogging is MY thing! I kind of didnt want to share. But then I thought about it, and what I've always wanted is a partner. A true partner. James is becoming that.

I believe he is an asset to my blog and brand, and will help my readers with their own relationships. He truly makes me happy. And what I love is that he is stepping out of his own comfort level. He told me he wants to blog because of me, and he thinks people will respond well. I think he is smart and gives good advice, so his insight is a good addition to my posts. Do you agree?
us cutting up on Periscope (@J_Shaahn)

Oh, and I want him to tell his side anyway. It'll be good to read how he felt during certain times in our relationship...

Anyway, Im happy with James most of all because he makes me feel good about myself no matter what! I've lost 30 pounds since we met 11 months ago, and Im really skinny. My breasts are all flat now, and I have no butt. James makes me feel like a brickhouse though! And he never puts me down about anything. He always tells me Im beautiful, and I believe him. He is supportive of my business ventures and is taking part in helping build it. He's even blogging now! He doesnt even have a Facebook page, yet he is blogging and Periscoping and Youtubing with me!

I feel so lucky to have met James and to be loved by him. It feels good. And guess what? He inspires me to be better and love harder. I actually want to do things for him, just to make him happy. He tells me my smile is all he wants to see. At first, I thought it was a line, but I believe him now. I stay smiling and laughing.
mid-chew in G-Town Harbour

Oh, one bad thing he did though was invite me to a BBQ last weekend, when he knew I just gave myself a chemical peel. My face was falling off, and James had me meeting his dad's side of the family at this HUGE family BBQ. See, James led me to believe that it was his cousin's bbq/pool party. Im thinking I would meet his cousin's family. Oh no! Turns out, this was an annual family bbq where they celebrate the summer birthdays.

So, I pull up to this HUGE house (mansion maybe?) in McLean, and see like 20 cars! Immediately, I knew this wasnt a lil get together. This was an event. Not family reunion sized, but big enough! Anyway, I walk to the backyard and see tents and food and like 50 people! LOL I was like, "Ohhhhh KKKKKK."
me greasy-faced after James' family BBQ

James' mom spotted me and I walked over to her. I was wearing a pretty summer dress, to distract from my shiny peeling face. I think it worked because I got lots of compliments on the dress. But nobody said I was pretty, so... (-_-) LOL Oh well. I told James to tell them I was peeling, thats why my face was so shiny. He told me it looked like I could fry chicken on my face, it was so greasy looking.

Anyway, I met many of his uncles and cousins and stuff on his dad's side. The party was really nice. I noticed that he comes from a very good family and they definitely do thing BIG. LOL

I know I got off on a tangent, but I brought up the BBQ because I wanted to tell you that he was introducing me as his girlfriend. I was happy. Not that I expected less, but it's the first time he's had to introduce me to people, other than his parents, so it was nice to hear. (BTW he comes from a good looking family. Everyone is all tall and good looking. LOL)

But yeah, Im in love. James is doing everything right:

Keeps money in my pocket
Helps me keep the house straight
takes me out
makes me feel pretty/sexy
loves me
is proud to claim me
Loves being loved by me
Isnt ashamed to be vulnerable
tries hard to make me happy
is a wonderful dad
is fun and spontaneous
cares about me
working on quitting smoking

Okay, Im done gushing... Follow us on Periscope @J_Shaahn, to watch live broadcasts...


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