Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Territory: Our First Trip to a Gay Sports Bar / Patience is a Virtue

On Our Way Out

Going out on actual dates can be challenging when dating someone with children. As I've already told you in previous posts, Dimples and I don't get out much because of his schedule. I get frustrated sometimes, but after making my mind up to be patient, I have been trying my best not to complain about his lack of availability.

We agreed to see each other at least three times a week and have a date night once a month that can not be cancelled except in cases of extreme emergency.

After nearly a month, I hadnt been seeing as much of Dimples as I had hoped. I was getting frustrated. I told my mom the way I felt. I told my best friend. I told them how I was struggling keeping myself busy on the weekends, while Dimples was attending soccer games and doing other daddy duties. Sometimes, it felt like he'd forgotten about me. But I have to give him credit for always texting me to let me know he was thinking of me, or he loved me. He also makes it a point to call me every evening. But still, sometimes I would feel neglected. For example, I had a big state board test to take, and Dimples didnt even wish me luck the morning I went.

After the exam was over, I was so nervous about whether or not I passed the test that I couldnt even eat! I was in agony going over the test in my head a million times, trying to figure out where I may have messed up. I really needed the extra support from Dimples, and I didnt get it, because he was tied up with work, and his children's activities. I understood that I needed to be patient, but it was hard. Especially since I was stressing over my test.

He texted me and told me he felt really bad for not wishing me luck. He said that I shouldnt worry about the exam, and he knows I passed. I accepted his apology and I planned to talk to him when I saw him next to air my grievances.

The next day I saw him but i didnt bring up any issues. Something told me not to say anything. I decided to enjoy his visit. We watched a movie and laughed a lot, as usual. He asked me if I wanted to go out. I didnt feel up to it, but was glad that he had suggested it. The next day, he spent more time with me than usual.

The evening after that, he texted me around 1030 to ask me if I wanted to go out. I was in bed, thinking I was in for the night, but we hadnt been out together since our first date, so of course I was not going to turn him down again!

He told me I had about 45 minutes to get ready. I was so excited. I decided to wear some retro Jordache jeans and a Free People sweater. I chose a comfortable platform bootie that gave me a little height, just in case we went dancing or something. He's so much taller than I am, so it was best to wear heels.

He picked me up and we were on our way. As we pull off, he asks me if I want to go anywhere in particular. I didn't care where we went, I was just happy to be with him, in his own space, so to speak. He said, "Let's just drive and play it by ear." I was cool with that.

He started playing music, and I instantly started to fall even harder for him, because what did he put on? Why, 90s Hip Hop, of course! I felt even more at home with him. I probably fell that much deeper in love with him as we rode up I95 toward D.C.

I felt "home." That's the best way to describe the way I felt. 

Conversation was great, and of course we just laughed a lot and continued getting to know each other. I have to let you guys know that his car was spotless! I like that.

Anyway, we got to DC and decided to go to U Street. I knew where to park that wouldnt put us too far from what was happening in the street! Im glad he listened to me, otherwise we would have been driving around all night. It was already nearing midnight, so we needed to find a parking spot quickly and get the party started.

When I got out of the car that cold air HIT ME! It was so cold. Dimples exclaimed, "We are going to go into the first bar that doesnt have a line to get in. Okay?" I agreed.

We walked by a couple spots with lines down the street. Then Dimples looked across the street and we noticed a really cool looking spot that only had a handful of people in line to get in. We beelined over there. Once we walked inside, we noticed that there was a bar about 10 feet from the door. Dimples walked right up to the bar. I decided we should at least walk a bit further into the place before we order drinks to get a feel for it.

It was a welcoming atmosphere and the music was kicking. It was a sports bar, and had lots of televisions broadcasting sporting events. There were three levels, and a rooftop deck, but of course it was too cold to go up there. We posted up at a back bar near some stairs. Dimples ordered us drinks. I began to really look around at the crowd and noticed the significant lack of women.

I tapped Dimples. "Uh, babe. I think this is a gay bar."
He looked down at me. "Huh? Why do you say that?"

I said, "Look around. Where are the women? There's only a few and check out how many dudes are in here!"

Dimples, surveyed the room. He looked at me, and said, "I think you're right!"

We just thought about it for a moment and spoke at the same time:

-"Do you want to leave?" (Me)
- "I think I'm uncomfortable in here now." (Him)

I said, "It's cold out there. It's not too crowded here. Let's just stay. Nobody is paying us any mind. Let's just get a drink and then we should go, I guess. But I dont have a problem if you don't."

He just shrugged and said, "Well, I guess now you know that we can have fun anywhere!"

That was that. We had so much fun. At first it seemed like people were staring at us as though we didnt belong, but maybe that was all a figment of our imaginations.

The patrons were cool. And nobody was over the top, or flamboyant. But, Dimples witnessed something that got him hyped.

Turns out that as I'm sipping my drink and people watching, I missed somthing, but my date didnt! Dimples leans down and whispers in my ear, "Hey guess what I just saw?" (I shrug in response) "The bartender kissed another man right on the lips," he continued. "You know what that means, right?"

I look at him dumbfounded. He said, "That means we can do whatever we want! No rules! I want to put you on the bar and kiss you!" Then he starts to pick me up. I say, "NO! NO! NO!"

He's laughing at me. He keeps attempting to sit me on the bar until I say, "Please don't embarrass me!"  That made him chill out. Phew! I hate to cause a scene.... Sometimes.

The rest of the night was cool. We just sipped our drinks, made out in a demonstration of obnixious hetero PDA, and was just hugged up at the bar. I met a funny white girl who took our picture.

Dimples swears I kissed that girl, but I have no recollection of it.

After we left the bar (which is called, Nellie's), we hustled back to his car. It was FREEZING. He offered me his warm puffy vest, and I got instant warmth when I put it on! Glad he's chivalrous, or else I would have been an ice pop by the time we reached his car.

Once we were inside his car, I was all over him! Just kissing him and touching him everywhere! He was a little surprised, like, "You're doing this in my car?" I just felt so much for him because he is so cool! A lot of men would have dragged me out of that gay sports bar and into the biting cold because of their fear of being taken for a softie or downlow homosexual, just for staying in the bar. But Dimples said he really doesnt have a problem, as long as no dudes try to make any advances. Nobody did, because it was clear we were an item.

He has an open mind, and a kind, gentle disposition. But he is still strong and extremely masculine. Very balanced. That is what I had been looking for my entire life, and didnt even know it until I met Dimples.

Both of us were really hungry once we left Nellie's, so we headed to Denny's. He ordered the bottomless pancakes and really dug in. He ate four stacks! Sheesh, what an appetite! Funny thing is, he fell asleep on me before we even finished. I guess he was pooped. Our waiter was funny and we cracked a few jokes about my sleeping giant...

I woke him up and he drove us back to my place where we both passed out.

Great night!
Those hotcakes didnt stand a chance!

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