Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Territory: I Think Too Much... I Think?

Sometimes its so hard to get out of my own head. At times, I get so upset with the world and everything that is going on around me, that I end up taking it out on Dimples.

He is extremely patient with me. I am moody. I dont think Im too bad, because Dimples thinks being with me is headache-free, but I wouldnt say that being with me is exactly a cakewalk either.

I have heavy baggage, and although I am in the process of shedding the weight, it can pull me down if I don't keep it under control.

Some baggage issues include:

communicating my TRUE feelings
accepting that I DESERVE happiness
giving love without fear
fear of failure
fear that Im never doing enough

That probably sums it up, but Im not even sure. LOL

Anyway, my thoughts can sometimes get the best of me, and I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing who my enemies are... I get short with Dimples... But he isnt combative.

That's good. He just gives me space and time. He offers to be there for me when Im ready.

Here's an excerpt of our text convo from last week, when I was tripping on him for no reason. Really I was upset with something else that was going on. Dimples handled me well...

NOTE: He's gray, Im blue B
Basically, I was saying that if he wants to break up, then fine. Even though he NEVER said he wanted to. LOL I was tripping.

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