Thursday, November 27, 2014

I told him I Love You

I felt myself softening up to him.
Little by little, be began chipping away at my defenses.
Early on, he told me his goal was to make me love him.
I laughed then.
I said, "It's too early."
I said, "You're just competitive, and want to steal me from my boyfriend."
He wouldn't say much but just give me a look.

Eventually he confessed that he knew he could take me from my current love interest, simply because that man had made it easy and left a door open, through his carelessness and neglect.

I wanted to love him, but I couldnt let my heart go to him because I had to make sure of his motive.

Over the last two months, he's made it very clear what his intentions are.

He won.

Last night, I texted him "I Love You."

Then tonight, he said, "I love you," before we hung up, and I said it back. OUT LOUD.

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