Thursday, November 20, 2014


When he comes in, he makes a beeline for me. At first, it used to scare me. I would literally run from him. It would always turn into a fun cat and mouse game of him chasing me around the island in the kitchen, or into a bathroom or something. He is always so intense and even though I don't think he would ever hurt me, I still get a little nervous at his approach.

I dont think I ever experienced that before. Maybe its a fear of loving someone too deeply, or accepting that someone loves me so deeply.

I dunno why I run. He used to ask me that.

Now he approaches me in a gentler manner.

The intensity is still there.

I love that about him. He makes adjustments for my comfort.

Once the chase is over, we go upstairs to unwind. His favorite place is on my lap. He places his head in my lap and I massage his head. It gives us both comfort. He's usually asleep in just a few moments.

I get trapped in whatever position I happen to be in. He's heavy and I can't move him easily. He easily outweighs me by 100 pounds and is a foot taller too.

No worries though. I usually prop up a pillow behind me and doze myself.

He told me that I was his escape.

I like that.

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