Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Prospects/FORMER Prospects updated

HTG (Polish and Italian): Never heard anything again from him. Its cool, because I found out that he is into some things that I’m not, and I wouldn’t be comfortable introducing him to my son.
 Violin Maker (Korean): Nice guy, but BORING. It’s weird though because he is kind of comical. But mostly, he’s boring. Plus, he wants to get physical, and Im just not that into him. He’s gonna get the ax soon.
Cope Dude (Bi-racial Filipino and White): He called me one night three tiems in a row, but I was asleep, so I didn’t answer. After that, never heard from him again, and he didn’t return my call the next day, or texts.
British Guy (Irish I think): Asked me out to lunch this past weekend, but never called to set up the actual date… Uh *Shrugs
SmileBright (Bolivian): Had to let him and his warty finger go. Just couldn’t get past it.
PolicyMaker (Black): Still in the friend zone. We talk here and there, but haven’t seen each other since we saw The Wolverine.
NavyYoungin’ (Filipino): I talk to this guy almost daily, but he’s way too young for me to consider him as a real prospect.
BodyGuard (White): I know I haven’t introduced him yet. But we have been emailing back and forth for a couple weeks. Were supposed to meet, but his deployment got extended, so…. He’s nice. Will have a blog once he comes home, because we plan to go out.  
As you can tell, there isn’t anything going on in my world man-wise. I don’t feel at a loss either. I think its my own doing. By that I mean, I think that because my focus is not truly on finding a mate, Im not finding one. Its that simple. Right now, my main focus is on my career and my financial wellbeing. That’s it! It’d be nice to have a guy around sometimes, but Im simply not pressed for a man. Besides, I believe that when the time is right, Mr. Right will appear.
That doesn’t mean I wont go on dates. But I’ve hidden my profiles on the dating sites, so I can focus on building my wealth. I will keep you posted as things happen (IF things happen. LOL)
All for now!

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