Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Violin Maker

me that day

Last week I had two dates. One was a meet and greet and the other was an all-day event.  This post is about the all-day date
Thursday I met my date in DC, and then we headed out to Maryland to have lunch. We really hit it off. We had spoken over the phone every day for a week before meeting and both of us were pretty excited because our personalities clicked well. We would talk about any and everything. The guy is funny, smart and talented. He has an unusual talent, which is violin making. I think its cool though. Anyway, the night before we met, we came up with a way to notify each other if we thought the other was our “type.” We said we would pat each other on the back if we didn’t like how the other person looked. I think its funny! But I told him that if he patted my back I would knee him in his groin!
When we met, of course he patted me on the back and I did indeed knee him in the groin. (Joke) We liked each other’s looks and proceeded with our day. He wasn’t overly polite. But not rude either. By that I mean, he didn’t open my doors for me, or anything, but he was a nice guy. I told him about my blog and after that he was all MANNERS. LOL I told him I would write about the date and he said he didn’t mind as long as he was anonymous.
Anyway, he was supposed to cook dinner for me, but he didn’t. We ended up ordering Korean food, and catching a movie in his apartment. His apartment was very tidy and pretty comfortable. The walls were decorated with awards from violin-making scool, and huge pieces of what I think is a viola... anyway,  He is from South Korea and whats funny is he isn’t fluent in Korean or English. Ha ha! We had a good time watching a movie and talking. He even showed me photos from high school. He lived in Los Angeles and was even in a gang! Badass, right?
He said he move to the DMV about three years ago.
Overall, the date was pleasant, but honestly not much to talk about. He spends a lot of time on his hair. He said it takes him 20 mins every morning to get it ready. I laughed. You know why? Because his hair is thinning and he is working so hard to hide it. He had this pillow made from beads that was super hard. We sat on the floor to eat and he gave me that “pillow” but it was painful in my opinion. He said it was to stimulate your brain while you sleep and it actually does help you process information better. I said maybe they should get a hair follicle pillow that stimulates hair growth! (low blow, I know) He has a great sense of humor so he was okay with that.
He studies Tae Kwon Do and all that, so he was gonna show me some moves, but I wasn’t interested.
Physically, the chemistry really wasn’t right. But I would still go out with him again, because his personality is nice. A bit brisk for me, but Im learning through my few dates with Asian guys, that its just how they are. They eat fast, walk fast….
The best part about this guy is his sense of humor and his openness. So all in all I say it was positive. Not sure if there will be a second date. We still talk and text, but neither of us have mentioned date #2.

Will keep you posted.

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