Monday, July 15, 2013

Date 2 With Hunky Teacher Guy

This post is a vlog because the date was a long one.... enjoy

I left out a few details, but thats only because I had to make this video THREE times due to me uploading it to the wrong account by mistake. So, I guess I wasnt as excited during the retell. I left out the fact that there's this girl who's a regular at Hunky Teacher Guy's job and she likes him. She was a little jealous that I was there. But it wasnt awkward because he was super attentive to me. Oh and while we were at Indigo Landing, he told me he likes me! And he is thinking of slowing down his schedule to make time for me. I didnt bring it up either. He did. So thats good. I told him that since it was only date 2, that it was too early to start rearranging his schedule or even thinking about it. He said okay, cool. Ummm I think thats it...  OH One more thing:  I got an email invite to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse special wine dinner event. And guess who I asked to go with?? Hunky Teacher Guy. He said he would ask his boss for the night off. I hope its approved. I told him he has to wear a shirt! And he told me that he does have clothes. LOL

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