Monday, June 17, 2013


When I was younger dating was so much easier. You like a guy and he likes you. No guessing, no games, it just was what it was. There were no power struggles, no wondering who should make the first call, no dating rules.

Nowadays things are unnecessarily complicated. People only offer themselves in bits and pieces
 I think due to fear of being hurt. But I'm not exactly sure why. I believe that when you click with someone, why not go full steam ahead? Life is too short for all the tests and games. I think we know when we really dig somebody.

That's all guys. I think I'm waiting to meet a man who can truly go with the flow without fear
 Put himself out there and see what happens.

Or at least meet me halfway. Because I ran into that issue with doctor guy...

He says he wants to date (Yay), but he's not willing to meet me half way and make time in his schedule. (boooo)  so my question is, why are you trying to date if you're not willing to compromise?
Now I understand he has a busy schedule. Im not saying drop everything for me. I never would say nor expect that. But consistent communication is essential to building.  Honestly, I was pleased with the way things were progressing between us, but these last few days is making me doubt his intentions.


Maybe he's just not that into me, and that's okay too. Why do I say that?  I say that because I believe that when it comes down to it, in this life, people make time to do what they want. And you cant force anything on anyone. When a man wants a woman, you never have to guess. He lets you know!

So, will give him the benefit of the doubt. But my doubts are HUGE.

actions speak louder than words. And if the actions dont match the words, I guess the writing will be on the wall.

Okay, I'm done! Lol
Dating can be like this 


Anonymous said...

Your points are valid. Unfortunately, the protocol of dating has changed, because people have changed. These days you never know who is who with what kind of mental issues that could harm you. is now cautious versus carefree. -RealHonest112-

Sha'ahn said...

I agree! Wish it was different

Sha'ahn said...
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