Monday, June 10, 2013

The Puerto Rican Marine

me that night
The first person I met up with from Plenty of Fish is a Marine that was recently stationed at Quantico. He PCS'ed from Japan a few months ago and was on the site to meet new people and date and stuff. Now Im into astrological signs, so just to let you know he is a Scorpio. Anyone who knows me, knows I dont trust Scorpios as far as I can throw them. I am looking to get into something serious, but that doesnt mean I cant date around if I feel like it. Anyway, the Marine is handsome and his emails were interesting. I liked his profile, so I decided to go out with him.

We first met actually on the lot of the dealership I was working at, at the time. He rode up on his bike. When he parked, some type of protective plate fell off the bike. I was embarrassed for him. But I still laughed, and said, "Uh, I think your bike dropped something!" He said, "Wow! How embarrassing..."
Anyway, we got past that and took a walk around the lot. I made him pretend to be a customer. We set a date to meet up which was later that evening and we went to Mick's in Stafford. Mick's is a great place. Good food and all that. We had a wonderful time. He was a perfect gentleman and everything.

About three or four days later we went out again to celebrate me moving to a new position. We went to a lounge called K2 in Woodbridge. It was cool! Nice crowd, good food and music. We had a blast. It was a really good date. We danced and even smooched a little on the dance floor. I felt like we were the only two people in the room. The DJ was spinning 90's music, so it really was a great time!

After a few drinks, I was definitely buzzing and feeling sexy. I had a flower in my hair, a cute jumpsuit on and sexy sandals. The Marine was really muscular and sexy too. Plus he could really move his hips. We were like the object of many a stare. I told him I was proud to be there with him because he was definitely easy on the eyes, and I know a lot of the women there were wishing to be in my place. (He also had his motorcycle helmet on the table, so that in itself is pretty hot!) He said I was beautiful and he was glad he was there with me too. He grabs my phone and takes a picture of us. I thought that was sweet. We made a great pic. I would post, but I didnt get his permission, so I cant.

I remember texting my mom his pic and she said he was cute. He has dimples and he's darker skinned. Nice body and all that. A little mysterious. And on top of that, a PERFECT gentleman. Pulled out my chair, opened doors, everything. I felt extremely comfortable with him.

We had good conversation, and the night was coming to a close. He walked me to my car and I sat on the hood. We started a little dirty conversation, which I will not post here. Anyway, We ended up kissing and all I can say is WOW. I enjoyed it. Then I got in my car and drove home.

He called to see if I made it safe and we ended our night with a little more "what if I had the house alone" dirty talk.

The next morning, he texted to see how I was doing. I responded but after that I didnt hear from him for two days. I wasnt too broken up about it, because I dont see a future with a Scorp. But I was surprised at the lack of communication. I did text him during the two days once, and asked him if he wanted to hang out again. He said he was tired. So at this point I thought maybe he thought two dates should have been enough to get laid, didnt want to spend any more money on me or something. So, I deleted his number out of my phone.

Lo and behold I got a text the following day that said, "Hi." I said, "Hi. Who is this please?" The response was, "Wow. Its like that? Whatever. Later."

So Im assuming it was him. But why the negative response? My friend said his ego was bruised. But I say, what if I lost my contacts or something? He didnt know why I didnt recognize the number. So I didnt even attempt to fix anything after that, because if he was that quick to be dismissive, who needs him?

(I was too, but so what! LOLOL)

That's it for that one, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, you messed that one up. You jumped to conclusion and deleted his number without giving him a chance to explain and when he called you, you came across to him as dismissive. Ouch! Well, live and learn.
-RealHonest112- you know me from YouTube. I see you as my little sister. I'm keeping it real. Luv you girl. Keep your head up.

Sha'ahn said...

lol i know. but no worries! i contacted him, and he actually came to see me Friday night. He said, I thought you were done with me." I said, I made a mistake. we are cool now.