Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Road Trips, Jumping Hurdles Made Us Closer

Now that you know what happened at the BEGINNING of our road trip last weekend, it's time that I tell you guys about the actual wedding and overall trip.

It was Beautiful. Both the wedding and the trip. The ceremony was lovely. And so was the wedding party.
flower girls and ring bearer

James and I are even closer than before. Despite all the drama that I caused, he is still here and we are feeling stronger as a couple than before. Funny thing about this all, is that he and I are tighter even after I practically threw him out of the car!

If there were any doubts, there arent anymore. I know James is the real deal. And so sweet. He made sure I held it together at the wedding and while I was around my family. I was still a bit emotionally unstable. My emotions were swinging like a pendulum from happy to sad and crying to mad moment to moment.  Things that may have been slightly annoying before, were suddenly infuriating. James was a great buffer, shielding me from any emotional overloads. We make such a great team. And he is so kindhearted. Just a big help to me in so many ways.

My uncle was the one who got married. The drive from Virginia to Albany took us (including the drama filled stops) was about 7.5 hours. After my blow up, we had a very pleasant trip.  I had secured a room through a local host. Our host was AMAZING. The space we rented was nice and homey. We got in around 0430. We showered and went right to sleep.

In the morning, I got up and went to my uncle's fiancee's house to give her a facial. That turned out well. Then I headed back to the house to get myself dressed. James looked amazing in a navy pinstriped suit. He had trouble tying his bow-tie, so he opted for a regular tie.

We got to the wedding about 15 minutes late, but it began late, so it was all good. It was great seeing all my family. My uncle and his bride were so cute together. They looked so happy. James said that we should have a double wedding. That made me laugh. I laughed a lot that day. And the rest of the trip.

James was a hit. Everyone liked him. My mom, and uncles really loved him. My sister said he was different than the type of man I usually date. I hadn't brought any other man to a family event in about 6 years or so. So everyone knew he was special.

Everyone seemed to be in their best behavior. I had a really good time. I think I even buried the hatchet with a cousin of mine. We had an issue that came between us. I had been angry about it for  a long time. I finally truly let it go and our friendship is back intact. 

My Uncle the Groom

I also had a good time hanging with my cousins Julian and Stephen. Julian lives in Portland, so I rarely see him. He invited James and I got a visit. Of course I said I'd come! They film Grimm in Portland, so I'm definitely going and I'll be dragging James to an open casting call!! Julian says it's super easy to be cast as a monster. 
My Cousins

The food was good at the reception. James was such a gentleman. He pulled out my chair, got my food and drink, made sure I was comfortable. Everyone noticed too. My mom told me later that everyone could see how much he cares for me. 

At one point when we were standing around and just mingling, he hugged me and picked me up, right there in front of everyone! I felt so special. 


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