Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hookah and Grape Soda

So, a few days ago I hung out with Cop Dude. We didnt do anything fancy because both of us got off work too late to do anything substantial. We decided to meet up near the National Harbor off 210 in Maryland, grab a bite, then go to his place for a movie. As Im driving up the highway, we are talking on the phone, and he tells me to look to my right and wave. I look to my left though, because I notice a car pulling beside me pretty fast. It was him. I said, "I think you meant to tell me to look to the left." He laughed and said, "Yeah. I guess because I was looking to my right, I asked you to do the same." He said he didnt have much to eat at his place and asked me whether I was hungry. I wasnt, but he insisted that I get something because he was going to eat for sure and didnt want to be rude eating in front of me while I wasnt. So we agreed to grab something at the local carry out. I pulled up behind him. Then he got out of his sporty car, which suits his personality perfectly. He was wearing his uniform and I couldnt help wondering if that would be a good or bad thing out in public. I mean, I didnt want any ex-offenders starting trouble or anything, and I end up catching a stray bullet. But let me just tell you that when he got out of his car wearing that uniform, I was thinking to myself, "Wow, he looks really hot!" I played it down though. Couldnt let on how much I was feeling him in that uniform. But his haircut, his tattoos and his arms were too much to ignore, and I found myself kind of staring at him. Instead of complimenting him, I asked him why didnt he change before leaving. He said it was so he could meet up with me on the highway the way he did. I just rolled my eyes. I dont know why I act like a kid around him. Not wanting to show him how much I like him, but actually showing him how much I like him by either insulting him, or finding some way to touch him. Seems like we have a lot in common, from our outlook on life, to our sense of humor. In many ways I see myself in him. And sometimes I think, "Okay. So this must be how people see me. They probably think Im weird." He has a silly sense of humor, and is adventurous and crazy. For his age, he acts really young. But I dont say that to mean it's a bad thing. I think its good. For example, he lost a bet and shaved his head bald. I didnt like it, but I had to laugh that he would go through with it. And sometimes when he is out on the street, he will facetime with me and show me whats going on in the streets. (When he is on his break of course.) But I digress. Back to the date: We ordered our food and sat down in the waiting area while it was prepared. He told me I was really pretty. I told him he had beautiful eyes. I tell him that pretty often, because we Facetime almost daily. And he does have AMAZING eyes. They're slanted due to his Filipino heritage, and hazel courtesy of his Caucasian genes. Add to that super long lashes and Im smitten. I told him he has girl eyes set in a man's face! LOL He thinks I have soft hair and a pretty face. But he's always telling me that I should work out. He's really into his body, but Im not all about that life. I told him that he can't make me work out. He said I just need motivation. I said, "Whatever." Anyway, once we got out food, I followed him to his house. Altogether, we live about 45 minutes to an hour apart. That's okay with me, but I know we will have to juggle schedules to have any semblance of a relationship. IF we go that far. Im still skeptical about the whole being "separated" status he's carrying, so Im still dating other people. In fact, I had a lunch date lined up with SMILE BRIGHT the next day! But I like Cop Dude and would love to see where things go. I just don't want to get all into him too fast. Id rather take it a day at a time. I told him how I felt and he said that he understands where Im coming from, but he doesnt think I would end up a rebound. I said, "The rebounder never knows he's a rebounder until he creates a reboundee." His house was really neat and clean. He has a roomate and a dog. We ate our food, and cuddled up on the sofa to watch a couple movies. We started watching Total Recall (the first one) and I said it was one of my favorite movies. He told me it was one of his faves too. In fact he loved the line from the part in the movie where Schwarzenegger wrestles his briefcase from an old lady near the metro station. Cop Dude did a spot on impersonation of Hauser! I was laughing so hard. I did my own favorite lines from the movie and we had a ball. Later on, he busted out the hookah pipe and we smoked on that with some peach tobacco, and drank vodka mixed with grape soda out of one cup. He only had enough to make one cup, which is why we shared. I really had a good time. We watched TV until 3am! We were just laughing and having a good time. I kissed him a little, but nothing too crazy, because my food had a lot of garlic in it and I was super self-conscious about my breath. We ended up watching two movies. He was a good host too. I didn't leave until the sun came up. That's all for that date guys. I plan on seeing him again. Will keep you posted as usual.

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