Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not a Thing Poppin... and I'm Okay with that

Things on the dating homefront have been mighty scarce lately. I hid my profile on the dating sites about three weeks ago. I've been more focused at work and of course at home, since my son has returned from summer vacay with his dad. Cop Dude didnt work out. Things kind of fizzled. We would Facetime and talk on the phone, but as far as seeing each other... Our schedules were just too much to handle. If we lived closer together, I think it would have been better. But if Im truly honest with myself, I will admit that we werent really that compatible anyway. There were things about him that I just didnt like. I think he uses way too much profanity and he complained a LOT. (super downer) Mostly, I hung out with him because he was handsome and funny. But I never saw long-term with him. Besides, he was my only potential, so I went with it. Policy Maker shoots me text messages here and there, and I call him sometimes just to see how he is. I have a few potentials that I have been emailing all summer. Not sure when we will actually meet up. Maybe this month? I have a birthday that is quickly approaching, but I doubt I will do anything exciting. Right now my life is kind of boring. But I will say that Im happy. My son is doing well in school and Im doing well at work. The bills are paid and we aren't lacking for anything. I think this would be the best time to meet someone. But I don't have time to look. Besides, when you look, you never find anything. My plan is to keep living my life, and eventually, something will come along. Something solid. All for now!

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