Friday, August 23, 2013

Cop Dude and Crab Dip

he's next to me in this pic
In a previous post, I told you guys that I met a police officer on the site and that he was really handsome and had a body to match. His birthday is a few days after mine. Never dated another Libra, but I guess I can give it a go. I gave him eight out of 10 stars, deducting two points because he has such a big forehead. Other than that, he’s really good looking; Pretty eyes and lips. We texted and talked on the phone quite a bit after initial contact on the site. He works mostly days and is off in the early afternoon. He lives about an hour away though, and that may pose a problem later. For now, it’s okay. We even used Facetime before going on our initial date just to ensure we weren’t Catfishing each other. I think he’s funny, down to earth and sweet. One problem though, is that he is separated. I usually don’t deal with people who aren’t divorced, but I myself was in a relationship while separated, so I guess I can give Cop Dude a chance. Just don’t want to be a rebound, and end up hurt. So I’ve decided to take things REALLY Slow. See what happens and won’t put expectations on this in any way. He is very communicative, which I like. And he’s always saying something funny, or sending me a funny picture. I like that. Plus he seems really interested in me. He asked me about my son, while telling me about his own children. He showed me pics of them and everything. He’s one of a set of triplets. When he first told me, I didn’t believe him. I said, “You are not a triplet!” He said, “Yeah, I am. Why would I make that up?” I thought about it, and that really wouldn’t make sense to lie about being a triplet. So on to the date: Wednesday night after I got off work, we met at National Harbor at a restaurant called Public House. I was on the phone with him as I looked for the parking garage where he had his car parked. He guided me to the garage over the phone and asked me to park next to him on deck three. I did as he asked and walked outside. We had hung up before I finished parking, and I expected him to be waiting outside for me to escort me inside. Guess what? No Cop Dude to be found. I walk inside and look around. The place is barely crowded. Guys are eyeing me up. I looked pretty hot, so of course they were gawking. Besides, I wasn’t wearing a bra, so they probably were trying to figure that out! (Insert devilish wink here) I don’t see Dude, so I take a seat at a booth near the door thinking that maybe he was in the bathroom/. I send a text message asking where he is, and he replies that he’s at the bar. I text back, “I’m not looking for you,” then I wait for a response. Like 5 minutes roll by, and I’m wondering if I’d been tricked. I send a text that said, “I’m leaving.” Then I walk out, go to the garage and get into my car. I pull out of the spot slowly, and then head down to the exit. I realize that I didn’t validate my ticket, so I re-park and make my way to the machine to pay, so I can get out of the garage. That’s when I get a call from Cop Dude. He’s all like, “Hey, where are you?” I said, “I left. I’m in the garage, in my car.” He said, “Are you serious?” I said, “Sure am.” He said, “Why?” I said, “Because you should have been at the door. I don’t have time for a man who isn’t a gentleman. It isn’t crowded in there, so you didn’t need to save our seats. You should have met me at the door.” He said, “Please come back. I will be at the door waiting for you.” So I go back. I was texting my girlfriend, D, during this exchange and she said that I should go in to look for him. I told her I didn’t think I should have to. And then she said, “Well that was a waste of gas.” It was, but I prefer to be treated a certain way. And I wouldn’t stand for less. She replied, “I guess you do have to weed out the bums.” I agreed. So, as I cross the street, I see Cop Dude. He is wearing a nice white shirt and black pants. I thought the pants were a little busy for my taste, but whatever. He also had on some loud Adidas, but at least they were clean and not dogged. I was pleasantly surprised at how much younger he looked in person. And I loved his cologne. I told him so, and he said, “Oh yeah?” I said, “Yeah.” I also complimented him on his beard and his haircut. I like a guy with a nice cut and neat facial hair. He opened the door for me and pulled up my stool before asking me what I wanted to drink. I didn’t know what to order to drink, so he had the bartender make up something for me. She called it Stuff in a Cup. It was built on Ciroc Peach, and had some kind of blackberry flavoring, but I have no idea what all was in it. All I know is that it was delish! We had really good conversation and I ordered the crab dip. This dip was EVERYTHING. Delicious. I ate all of it by myself. Cop Dude ordered wings and they were good too. My only complaint was that he kept poking me in the ribs and I hate being tickled. I told him to stop. And I even asked him why was he doing that, and he told me it was because it was his way to touch me. I said, “What is this, sixth grade?” But he eventually did stop because he could tell that I was seriously annoyed. At one point, we took some pics on my cell phone, and I sent them to my girlfriend. Then my girl and I were texting about Cop Dude, so he takes the phone and begins texting my friend. It was so funny. She was like, "Sir, I need you to put down the phone." After that, he showed me photos of his family, including his mom and dad. His dad is white and his mom is Filipina. (I noticed that he gets his head from his father.) He spoke about work too, and he seems to enjoy his job. But he was carrying his weapon. I asked him why, and he replied, “Do you know how many people I locked up?” I said, “No.” He said, “A lot, and I have a distinctive face, so they remember me.” I said, “You do have a look easy to remember. I guess I feel you on that.” He told me that he is a fair officer though, and any of the guys he put in jail would attest to that fact. I said, “I hope so, because I hate messed up police.” We really had a great time and he even asked me about my acting and my blogging. He wants the link to my YouTube channel, so he can check out my videos, but I won’t send him the link because I’m not sure I want him to read what I write about my other experiences. We made out at the end of the date, and I don’t regret one kiss! We are supposed to go out next week. I look forward. Oh, P.S. You have got to try the crab dip at Public House. It's amazing. Cheers!

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