Monday, July 29, 2013

Part Two of Date With Hunky Teacher Guy

So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, The kiss in my car. Well, We kissed and his tongue tasted like wine. It was a little bitter. I didnt mind that though. He put his hand behind my neck and kissed me again. It wasn't too aggressive, and wasnt sloppy either. Because one thing I cant stand is a sloppy kiss. After the kiss, I asked him what was he thinking. And he asked me to go to his place. I said, okay, and followed him to his place a few miles away.

His home was neat and normal looking. It was a guy's pad, but not bachelorish. I mean, it was actually decorated! I thought it was an apartment, but he said he owned it, so it must be a condo. He told me he had planted some basil but it was overgrown by something else his neighbor had planted. He had bookshelves installed the length of one wall, and I started browsing through the titles, picking up the books that held my interest. One of them, Black Boy, by Richard Wright really impressed me. I said, "You read this?" He said, "Yeah, it was a great read." I asked him again, "You really read this, all the way to the end?" And he said, "Yeah." I told him I didnt care for the end, but I liked the book a lot. I shared the fact that my elementary school was named after him. Next, I was greeted by the cutest mini poodle ever. His name is Maximus, and he looks like an Ewok. He was so much fun. A big distraction. Actually HTG had warned me about him. He told me not to be distracted by Max. I guess Max is a cock-blocker!
As I was perusing his bookshelves, HTG put on some Jay-Z. I asked him if that was his resident black people go-to music. I told him I dont listen to rap much. He looked at me sheepishly, and switched stations to one that was playing what he said was "white music." I listened for a while, and decided I liked it. It was mellow and was perfect for the mood. I told him I liked it.

Then he sat down at his dinette set and drank some juice. I think it may have been spiked with something. I sat on the floor facing him, and he said, "Remember when you asked me what my damage was?" I nodded. He continued, "Well, Im getting tired of meeting people and it going nowhere. You know? I mean I feel like people are just trying to get a free meal. I mean, with the exception of you." I said, "Okay. But you told me you dont let people in. So what do you expect to happen? How can you have a connection, yet not want to let down your guard?" He didnt anwer, so I kept talking. I said, "That's why Im not sleeping with you. What's the point? I mean, if you aren't going to let me in, I don't want to be opening up to you. In fact, I think you should communicate more." He said, "But Im attracted to you, like not just for the way you look, but I enjoy spending time with you. Thats not even a question in my mind. You're cool." I said, "But Im the one who initiated this date." He said, "Yes, and that's what Ive been looking for; been waiting for. Someone to make effort." I just sat there thinking. Then I said, "Well, still you need to make up your mind about what you're willing to give." Then he said, "I do think we are kind of far apart. Like you live far, I know, I used to live down there." I said, "I dont think 30 minutes is far, but yeah traffic is messed up." He looked at me and said, "But it shouldnt matter that you live far, should it, if we have a connection?" I said, "I dont think so, but its not for me to answer that question for you."

I got up and sat on the edge of his knee and kissed his cheek. He stood up and kissed me, but he maneuvered my body by placing his arms in mine, kind of binding my arms behind myself, which forced my head to tilt upward. It was the perfect position for a kiss. I was thinking to myself, "This must be some martial arts move that he learned in class." But I definitely liked it. I can't say I was swept away and had to fight my body in oder to leave. My mind was already made up about the situation and I didnt want to lead him on, so I told him I was leaving. He was cool. I played with Maximus a little, then HTG walked me to my car. We had few more words. I told him he needed to decide whether he was going to let me in. He said its just that every time he's done that, he's been let down. I told him he was preaching to the choir. We had a goodbye kiss, and I left. So, there you have it. Leave comments and tell me your thoughts...


Jewel Edwards-Ashman said...

You did the right thing! Distance isn't an issue if the connection is strong enough. My friend is dating a guy in England (and I mean like, about to get engaged dating)!

Sha'ahn said...

I agree kind of. Long distance isn't for everyone, however, alexandria isn't far. But you know how people are who live north of Occoquan. They think they're so far! Ha ha. But I know I made the right choice