Friday, July 26, 2013

Wine and Shenanigans / Date 3 with Hunky Teacher Guy

Me before heading out on date 3

So date number three with Hunky Teacher Guy went extremely well. I feel a connection and I’m hoping this will pan out to something, because constantly meeting new people without making a connection is getting tiresome. It’s fun to write about the dates, and I’m sure it’s entertaining for everyone reading about my dates. But in the end, the goal is to make a real connection with someone and attempt to build a lasting healthy relationship.
HTG said he feels the same way, but that was toward the end of the date. Here is the rundown, from the beginning:
HTG had to tutor a child earlier during the day and he told me that morning. At first, I thought he was trying to flake, because he said he couldn’t cancel the tutoring session. However, it would have made him late because he was thinking of tutoring, then going home and getting ready. I told him that a better solution would be to get ready before tutoring, and then I would pick him up at the tutoring location, which would make it easy for him to fulfill his obligations to both me and the kid. How cool am I? (^_^)
After texting that morning with HTG, I decided to go casual chic and wear dressy jeans with a pretty mauve shirt and a cream blazer with prominent shoulder pads and sheer sleeves. I have a pic of me in the shirt, but not the blazer. Sorry. Anyway, I picked him up and he was in a tee shirt and jeans with flip flops as usual. But then he went to his car and came back with two button-ups in a dry cleaning bag. He opened the passenger door to my car and asked me which one I preferred. I chose the one with blue and purple stripes because it sort of matched my shirt. He then went back to his car and put the shirt I had chosen on. Then he brought his shoes to my car and threw them in the back seat. At this point he proceeded to get into the passenger seat. But I asked him to drive and he seemed to be surprised. I said, “Well, you live in Alexandria, so I figured you would know how to get to the restaurant better than I would.” He nodded in agreement and got into the driver’s seat. It was a strange feeling to be sitting in the passenger seat of my own car, but he was a good driver, so I wasn’t uncomfortable. He respected my ride. At first it was quiet in the car, so I asked him what he was thinking about, and he said he was just figuring the best way to get to the restaurant. After a while, we just commented on other drivers and he told me about the sights and different restaurants in the area. When we arrived at Ruth’s Chris in Crystal City, we drove around looking for parking and it didn’t even take five minutes to nab a spot close to the restaurant. We walked in and he was a gentleman, holding open doors and whatnot. When we walked in, we noticed several rooms, but we figured the room where the special dinner was being held was where people were signing their names in a little book. We were warmly greeted, and immediately handed a glass of white wine. Then we walked over to the window and looked out. But there wasn’t much of a view. HTG noted that we could watch planes take off from there and that was cool, but other than that, the view was wack.
Everyone was standing around mingling. I’m not much of a mingler in those types of settings, because I’m not sure of etiquette and I told as much to HTG. He nodded that he understood. He then asked me who I was going to be for the evening. I looked at him confused, but then he said he was going to be Dell Griffin the guy in the movie, Planes Trains and Automobiles, who sold shower curtain rings. I laughed and told him I wanted to be someone British. After some thinking, I came up with Thandie (Newton).
As everyone began to get settled HTG and I staked seats close to the door, and sat down. My feet were getting tired in my high heels and I was hungry. So HTG and I sat down a little early. After a short while, everyone else followed suit, and then the host began teaching us about the wines we would be drinking with each course. It was interesting, but we didn’t know we would be lectured before eating. Both of us were becoming impatient and I we began texting each other under the table. I was commenting on the lady at our table that had a boob job. She was an older lady but her breasts sat up higher than mine and I’m sure she had a good 20 years on me! Hahahaa…   Oh, and before I forget to mention, guess what? There was a lady at our table with a big face. We were giggling to ourselves and cutting up. Then he leans in and whispers, “We’re the hottest freakin’ couple at this table!” I said, “In this room!” And we busted out laughing. The lady with the big face was a veteran, and she started with the war stories. That’s one of my pet peeves. I told HTG that I would never do that. I don’t feel the need to even tell people about my prior service. (gag) But many people do!
Each course was delicious. HTG would finish whatever I couldn’t eat. He even cut my lamb up for me, because I was butchering it. The host of the event actually sat at our table, so we got to pick his brain a bit about wine and wineries. But midway into the dinner, HTG and I just shut everyone else out and lived in our own bubble. I gave him my undivided attention and he returned the favor. The wine was making me a little tipsy, and I got flirty with him during my texts. (We would have mini text convos every time the host got up to speak about the wine that was about to come next with each course)I told him I wanted to kiss the crack in his front tooth. And his response was, “A crack in my tooth, yes I have one.” Then I guess he thought better and said aloud, “That was a lame response.” I agreed. That prompted him to send another text that was a little more flirtatious. It really was all in good fun. I told him he looked very handsome and that he had beautiful eyes. And he seemed surprised. But he was blushing. He does have the most beautiful eyes with long lashes. (Why do men always get the thick long lashes?)
So, dinner ended and we headed down to my car. Once we got outside the building, I complained that HTG was walking too fast, so he picked me up and started walking. I told him to put me down. I mean, there were cops outside and they may have given us a hard time for horseplay or something. When he put me down, he put me down with one arm and it was like in a bicep curl kind of way because he picked me up in a fireman’s carry. I noted how slow and controlled it was. I weigh about 130lbs. (Maybe a tad less) and he put me down like it was nothing. On our way back to where we left his car, HTG asked me if I wanted coffee or anything, and I told him I wanted a chai tea latte with soy milk. And he stopped at a place called BUZZ and picked one up for me. Then we quickly drove back to where we first met up. Once parked behind his car, HTG leaned in for a kiss.

And this, my friends is where I leave you. A lady never kisses and tells!

Okay, this lady does. I will tell you everything in Part Two….
Stay tuned.

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