Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: spontaneous mini-date with hunky teacher guy

saturday night, my coworkers from my old job were having a little get together at this restaurant we would go to when I worked there. I decided that since I was getting dressed and heading North, then I would go and see Hunky Teacher Guy too. (BTW, I told him that I had a dating blog and that I named him, HTG. He smiled but didnt say anything, so I guess he's cool with it.) Well, guess what? After dragging myself out of bed from an awesome nap, I get all dolled up and my former coworker tells me they decided not to go to the restaurant after all! So here I am looking cute for nada. I say, got cute for nothing because the only reason I was going to see HTG was because I was heading north anyway. And I could stop and see him. I decided to go anyway, because I was already dressed. I knew he would be at work around 10, which was perfect. So, I get to Georgetown and find a FREE parking spot immediately. (good sign; must have been meant to be)I checked my makeup in my visor mirror and step out the car. As Im crossing the street, I notice HTG noticeing me as I approach. I got butterflies. That never happened before. I walk up and people are standing in line to enter the bar. I get in line, but step to the side to let eveyone pass. I hug HTG and he tells me I look great. I told him I had to make sure I looked good so my former coworkers can eat their hearts out. He said, "What about me, am I chopped liver?" I said, "The flower in my hair was special for you." And he seemed to like that. We just chatted about his day and people trying to get into the bar with fake I.D. I had never seen a fake driver's license before. But boy did i see a million Saturday night! The funny thing was, that noone he turned away for a fake I.D. ever protested. Hahahahaa Because they knew their cards were fakes. There were a few guys who tried to hit on me while I was out there. Nobody really knew I was with HTG. I think part of that is because he's white. So even though we were standing close to each other and talkign, people didnt put 2+2 together. Or maybe it wasnt the race, maybe its cuz he's a bouncer and chicks talk to bouncers? I dunno. Anyway, one of the guys who made a pass at me was HTG's fellow doorman. Let's call him Perv. Perv told me my jeans were cool and he wanted to find out what was inside of them. I told him I was with HTG and he held up his hands and said, "Oops, sorry." But he continued to make lewd comments all evening. He said he's a perv and thats just the way it is. I took it in stride, but HTG got a little bothered though, when Perv told him he should take me around the corner from the bar to make out in the alley. I didnt know Perv said that to HTG, and Im glad I didnt because I would surely have given him a piece of my mind. To make a long story short, I stayed for two hours, and time passed quickly. People came and went. It rained and I got a little wet, although HTG told me to stand in the doorway, or go inside. I just didnt want to be away from him, so I declined. After the shower, HTG gently dried me off with his hand and then his shirt. Perv told HTG that my being there should be a big hint that Im serious. That was one of the few intelligent things Perv said all night. Perv thinks that women play too many games. I told him that men are the ones who play too much. Perv and I debated about that, but HTG was silent. He's not very talkative except when we are alone. At one point, HTG asked me about the key pendant I was wearing. He asked me if it had sentimental value, like, was that the key to my heart? Perv, asked me about the pendant too not long after HTG. But, he asked me if it was the key to my chastity belt! What a moron. I told HTG, and Perv said, "Hey, that's the difference between me and him." I said, "I know this!" All in all, the night was fun. I left after two hours. Before I left, I asked for a hug and kiss on the cheek. I felt the butterflies again, which made me happy. Because I hadnt felt anything like that on any of our other dates. Feels great. We've been talking more via phone and text. I think maybe my visit that night woke HTG up a little. For one, he noticed that other guys are attracted to me and I think it made him territorial, and secondly, I think Perv sort of made HTG feel more protective of me too.
me that night

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