Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hello to our readers and followers. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I last left you guys by saying that I would treat my relationship, with Sha'ahn, as if it is on the rocks.  I can't say that I did much more than normal, because as I said, I feel like it is STRONG.  But I started by looking at myself to see what I thought that I could improve on, that would make us even tighter than we already are (if that's possible).  In a relationship, I always think that people could listen better.  So I put forth a conscious effort in listening.  If she said she was tired, I would rub her feet, and legs, the next time I saw her, which by the way, she LOVES.  She mentioned what she wanted for her birthday, so I gave her that exactly.  She mentioned she needed a new tool for her new business venture, I have not completed it, but I decided to make it for her.  I think she was pretty surprised.  Relationships always should be analyzed once in a while, just as you self-analyze, to better yourself.   So I think this exercise was a good help for me personally, so that I can be and do better in my relationship because NO one out here is perfect. 

Well, on this post, I also wanted to express how when you truly love someone, you will do whatever for them.   I was a young boy when my father told me, “two of the most important things you can share with someone is your time and or money, and that you ALWAYS can make time”   In context, it was about spending time with elders, but it fits in other situations in life….  EVERYONE must sacrifice.  When I say sacrifice, I mean you might would not do something the way you use to do it because of your significant other. Or it may be something you can do for someone that you may not do, unless asked.  (I do not see a problem in asking someone to do something, because maybe they truly did not think of it like you, and think nothing of it)  The main thing is remembering on your own, the next time. 

Not sure if this post helps, but I hope that everyone takes something from it.  Push yourself harder to put that constant smile on your partners face.  It may make a difference in the day, not to mention your overall relationship.


 “Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”
 Dead Poets Society

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Mia Mathews said...

That's an interesting post! I enjoyed reading it! Thanks!

Lily Smith said...

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