Thursday, September 24, 2015

UGH OH... absence DOES make the heart grow fonder!!!

Hello to our readers and followers.   Hope all is well in everyone’s relationships!!  If not keep at it, if you WANT it to work, it will….

I wanted to use this post to talk about limited time with your partner. 

In today’s world there are so many challenges within having a healthy relationship.  Limit of time being a HUGE one. Sha’ahn is on her grind creating more business opportunities for herself as well as for us.  I am starting a new venture also, plus the demand with the new job.  My kids are on 3 different sport teams, which takes up 4 weekdays, plus ALL day on Saturdays.   With that being said we are both running hard…

So, last week I was thinking, limit of time can break a relationship down.  Everyone wants to grow stronger with their partner, I will assume, LOL I know I do. 
How do you do that when your time together decreases by 2/3?  
I came up with some ideas, to make your “free time” count!!   
Some guys might not really prefer these ideas, but you gotta do what you gotta do…

You can make time to meet for a quick lunch, not even necessarily food. It could be for a simple slurpee, or a short walk anytime, day or night, and not excluding sex, lol.   
Another thing is the time you do have with your partner, make it count!  
 Rub their feet or any kind of short massage.   
Call or text more than normal.   
Take the time to let that person know, though you may be busy, but you still love, care, and think about them.  You can make them something and mail it to them… inexpensive yet it will go a LONG way.  They will definitely know that they are on your mind.  

When people are busy like this, surprises sometimes are not a good idea.   
Food or anything having to do with replenishing energy is always thoughtful, because it shows you are thinking about their well-being/health.  Another idea is setting and sticking to a specific date and time for an activity or “get away”.    

Also, if you want to buy your partner something, make it something unexpected and having to do with what they are focused on.  An example in me and Sha’ahn's  relationship, would be the time I bought a towel warmer for her home spa.  I know she had mentioned it several times, so I found one.  It may not been exactly the one she wanted, but just the fact that I got her one, put a HUGE smile on her face.  It also said, I was being supportive in what she is interested in.   

Just show that you care and that distance or time apart will not affect your love for one another.  As a matter of fact try to find a way to make it STRONGER. 

I challenge everyone out there that is in a relationship that is going great, to pause and think what you would do if you felt your relationship was on the ropes, and you truly want to make things better.  In other words, how would you save the relationship?  

WRITE out your answers.  This actually can be an eye opening brainstorming activity….

I have some ideas of some things I want to do for Sha’ahn’s birthday, which is coming up…  Obviously won’t disclose on here, but I truly plan to put a smile on her face.  I still am deciding though. Any other suggestions would be cool to hear, though I pretty much have made up my mind.   

Whatever I decide, I am sure you guys will hear something about it, LOL

“Just keep swimming”- Finding Nemo

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