Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer Fun in a Philadelphia Treehouse

Entry to the Tree House in Logan
I told you all in my previous post that I was going to Philly, and was going to have James come along. I had to take my father back home, plus I was invited to a BBQ. The cookout was thrown by a facebook friend and many other facebookers that I had gotten to know over the year would be there too. I was excited to finally meet these people in REAL LIFE.

My best friend and other close friends would also be at the party, so I just HAD to take James. I really wanted James to meet my friends that I've known for so many years.

The day began pretty well, and although we hit a lot of traffic, it was a pleasant ride. James drove. I was making Instagram videos and stuff. My dad was oblivious to being recorded. Hahahahaaa
Just getting into the city
We were required by the party thrower to bring a bottle and/or a bag of school supplies to donate to a local school. We opted to bring both a bottle and a bag of school supplies. We got there to the Treehouse very early. It was actually not far from my first apartment that I had while a sophomore in college. Once we got to the Treehouse, we found a spot on the deck couch and stayed nearly the ENTIRE NIGHT. Reason being is we started drinking early, and drank throughout the evening. We knew we had a fairly long drive home, so we just took our time and got comfortable on the Treehouse deck.

James was so impressed about the Treehouse and how well constructed it was, that the first hour he was looking at it, and dismantaling/reassembling it in his head. He was comparing it to things he'd built, but kept saying how impressed he was. He wants to build something similar when we get our own land.

The Treehouse was awesome! Complete with a bar and comfy seats, and a projector style movie viewing area. There was an outhouse as well. But it had running hot and cold water and a working toilet with a nice vanity mirror. The setup was NICE.
The Tree House is AWESOME
I am so glad that James' first experience in the "hood" was a positive one. And it was grown and sexy. Great example of how we do it up in the city. There werent any fights either. The drunk people were funny too! One guy was so wasted he didnt know whether he was coming or going. I had three drinks, but sipped them slowly and I ate food too, so I didnt get really drunk, or sick. The night was wonderful. It wasnt too hot or cold and the atmosphere was so positive. We plan to attend the Treehouse party every year. James insists!

Let me back up a little for you guys. Okay, so many of the people at the cookout were from a small facebook group of which I used to be a member. Between my posts about James on FB and my blog, many people were coming up to James and telling him they feel like they already knew him and they were congratulating us on being engaged... James was a little overwhelmed. He was just kind of staring at people as they shook his hand, and nodded his head with a smile. I felt like he may have been embarrassed, so when things quieted down I asked him how he felt.

In our own bubble

"Are you okay with people congratulating us on our engagement?"

James said, "Yes, if you are not feeling awkward about not having a ring."

I said, "Im ok with it. I mean, we did set a date, although you didnt formerly propose. Doesnt that mean we are engaged?"

"Yeah, I guess it does, he said.  "Im good with that. You?"

I nodded emphatically, "Yes."

So that was that. I know it might be weird for you guys to understand. I mean, how could we just become engaged all of a sudden?  Well, last week when James was saying he saw us married with a baby in the next 12 months, that kind of got the ball rolling. I teased him yesterday about that too. I said, "You think you're slick proposing to me in a roundabout way and making me go from unsure to wanting you to pop the question ASAP."

He looked at me and said, "No I didn't. I really didn't intend on proposing, but I can definitely see us married in a year."

I said, "Whatever."

My BFF, Kim

Then I asked him was he going to be involved, or did he just need a place and time to show up.

He said he was planning this with me and wanted to be involved. That makes me happy.

I asked him if he thinks we can pull this off, and he said if we get started planning now, we can.

So, I guess Im engaged and planning a wedding?

Yes, I am engaged and planning a wedding.

Its all love
During the BBQ, James and I were in our own little world. We waited for my friend Kim to come through and when she did, we really got the party going! I even gave James and Kim some alone time so they could have their own little heart to heart. I hope he asked her what a good birthday gift would be! (AHEM bday in October)

On the way home from Philly, I told James I was scared, and maybe we should wait until 2017. He looked at me and said, "I was hoping you wouldnt say that."

I always get cold feet. I looked at him and said, "You're right. Im sorry. Im not backing down. Let's plan this thing out."

So, that is where I am now. Not sure about anything except the fact that Im going to marry a man who has come to be one of my best friends.

As we drove home we just held hands and sighed a lot. I keep thinking that maybe this is a dream. How could a man think and say the things James does and really truly mean them? Is he for real?

I told him he is my angel. He really is.

That made me think of a good theme for the wedding. I said, "Let's make our theme something about being a match made in heaven." James said, "How about, A wish on a shooting star came true."

I liked it. I told him I loved it. I hugged him. We just chilled after that for the rest of the night. We didnt talk that much on the rest of the way home. I thought James could use a rest, so we stopped at a rest stop. He wanted to continue driving, but I told him that I noticed his drifting to the side of the road and I thought it best to rest. He didnt argue. He said, "See, I listen to you. And I am tired."

I just smiled. He slept and I stayed awake with my thoughts. So much planning to do. Do we have the money to pull it off how I WANT? How can I save enough to have my dream wedding? What exactly IS my dream wedding?

Lots of questions to be answered and lots of plans to be made. All I know is, I am happy and excited. Guess I'd better tell my family. Gotta start researching....

There are a bunch of wedding sites out there. I will most likely personalize one soon. So stay tuned for that.

Might even have to pass this blog along in the near future. Or at least change it to reflect my dating status...

The TreeHouse was popping like a club! LOL
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