Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is she still dating? I DON’T THINK SO

Me driving to the TreeHouse
Hello to our readers and followers.  I know I missed last week’s blog entry, and was disciplined accordingly ;-) …. I will try not let it happen again.  I don’t know though, I kinda liked the punishment, LOL…

Sha’ahn and I were talking, and she mentioned changing the title of the blog, so the other day, I was thinking to myself, “Does she still consider this dating? Hmmm…” Oh, and Sha’ahn does not know that I have been thinking about the title, but she DOES NOW!!" 

As you should know, she mentioned not being on the same page pertaining to marriage and having a baby, but more on the baby side, which is ok, because we both already have kids/a kid.  Plus with what we want to get accomplished in the next few years, it would be harder, but I was still ok with that challenge.  I think she was thinking of the possible challenges, but my point to her was that previously she seemed so gung-ho about the idea. 

Ladies DO NOT communicate emotionally!! 

Sha’ahn is my soulmate, so I believe we can and will work through anything we may encounter, but our miscommunication made me curious, and now I have a question to ask you all. (And would love some real feedback.) 

Is there a step or category between dating and being engaged?  Let me know…

Now, back to us... So, are we talking marriage here, YES!!!  I love and enjoy her way too much to let her get away. I will go as far to say I love her more than any woman I’ve been with before, and it keeps getting deeper and deeper. 

This past weekend Sha’ahn invited me to ride to Philly with her to take her father home and to a friend's cookout. Not sure if Sha’ahn ever blogged about the first time she invited me to Philly, and I did not go.  She was a little mad, and later said that she would not invite me anywhere anymore, but that was in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, lol… 

We rolled out Saturday afternoon about 1:00. I had to totally bite my tongue and not speak about the departure time. I am a logistics person, and would have loved to have left at 6am to avoid traffic.  But it was cool, we had a little traffic, but not too bad.  Our first stop was her dad’s house. After leaving there, we drove through her neighborhood she grew up in. Love the city, but way different from where I grew up.  But I love getting deeper into knowing her and how she became who she is today.  She showed me the school she went to, the yard where she beat some girls ass, and where she had her first kiss. I would love to take her back to that same spot one day in our old age and kiss her myself.

Not sure if she realized it or not, but I enjoyed her showing me all this.  Like I said, I love getting closer….

After the short tour, we rolled over to her friends cookout.  Just a little background: almost all of the people at the cookout Sha’ahn had never met in person prior to that day.  She used to be a member of this private FB group of people pretty much from Philly, but her best friend from childhood is still a member.  Her best friend and I have spoken several times on the phone but never met. That was another part of the trip I was really looking forward to, meeting her homegirl.  So, Sha’ahn had told me (while she was in the group) different stories of dudes flirting or coming at her out of this group when she was in it. 

You can probably imagine my mindset. You know I am going somewhere with her, where I know NO-one, not even from online, but she does, and knows dudes that are attracted to her will be there.  But it was ok because I love a challenge. Maybe I shouldn’t say a challenge, but my knowing that other men already have disclosed that they are interested could be a little sticky. Let me put your excitement to rest, there were no issues or incidents, LOL. I met a lot of guys who may have been smiling in my face, but were truly hating, but I LOVE IT!  Conversely, I met some cool dudes too. 

Just like with the guys, there were women that I met that may or may not have been hating on Sha’ahn.  

OH, without going into deep description, the house where the cookout was held, was set up to another level! It was almost as if we were at an outdoor restaurant/bar.  Very, VERY unique, you would have to see it….  We stayed for like 6 hours.  I met her best friend, we laughed, had some drinks, great food, and an unforgettable time.  OH, and a lot of pictures.  Actually pictures I never even knew were taken, LOL… I felt like because Sha’ahn is so public with social media, we were in the spotlight.  People were posting different comments about us and congratulations on the engagement.  It was all very foreign to me, but I’m cool with it.   We drove back around 1am, and laid around the house all Sunday, which was very enjoyable too;-)  I AM READY FOR THE NEXT ROAD TRIP!!

Every man dies, not every man really lives.- Braveheart

With Sha’ahn I truly feel like I’m living….
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