Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fathers Day 2015: James Has a Heavy Head

James and I celebrated Father's Day on Monday. The weekend just didn't work out for either of us to see the other. My mom was in town visiting, so I couldn't visit him, and James had a family issue to deal with, so he couldn't come to my place.

I decided to treat him to dinner and a night of pampering. It was a surprise so I never mentioned anything about my plans. 

James wasn't expecting anything anyway because I'd gotten him a straight razor and shaving kit, complete with a strop, back in May. I told him that since it all cost a good bit of coinage, that it would be his Father's Day gift. I asked him if he wanted it now or later (Father's Day), and he chose "now". So as far as James was concerned, he'd already gotten his gift. 

Since a month has passed by though, I still wanted to make him feel special. I think he deserves it. I called him Sunday morning to say happy Father's Day and that's when I found out that he spent Father's Day chopping fallen tree limbs and hauling them after the crazy winds we got Saturday night. He said it was cool though, since he didn't really celebrate the holiday like that anyway. I didn't say much about my plans. I told him I was just chilling with my mom. 

Monday came and I had a lot to get done. I planted flowers in my front yard and tomatoes in back. I also put some petunias out back. I'm not sure how they'll do, but my calla lilies do well. 

I began cleaning the house. I just felt like the inside should match the outside. I loved the way the new flowers looked out there! I was inspired to do a deep cleaning. I cleaned the first and second floors from top to bottom including the doors and baseboards. I rearranged my kitchen and living room furniture too. (Next weekend I'll attack the third floor. My closet needs arranging and clearing out since I lost that 27 pounds. I thought weight would have come back by now but it's been seven months...) Pruned all my plants... I LOVE PLANTS. James and my dad are gonna dig me a garden! They just don't know it yet. 

Anyway, James had a short day of work Monday. He was at my house around 4. He brought food! Dang! My dinner plans foiled. I told him to get a shower and a nap while I finished cleaning because I had plans for him. He got hype! He smiled from ear to ear and picked me up. I told him to put me down because I was funky from cleaning all day. He didn't listen! He was swinging me all around like a rag doll. Then he abruptly stops, puts me down and holds his nose, before slowly backing away. I jumped up and smacked his head. 

He went into the kitchen and started shouting, "Oh wow! You've got food in the fridge!" 
(See, I have a bachelor looking fridge. It's usually empty.)

 I said, "Yeah, yeah, I got food cause Mommy insisted." 

I let him relax and chill on his own for a few hours. He ate, watched a Kevin Hart movie and fell asleep. He wanted me to nap with him but I had to decline. He was a little disappointed because he said it felt like he hadnt seen me in a while. I said, "it's only been since Thursday!"

Around 830 I told him to come downstairs for a facial. He started grinning. "With machines?" he asked. I nodded. He started chuckling. "I love when you use the machine." I rolled my eyes. He is so spoiled!

I just shook my head and went down to prep for James. I wore a lacey blue negligée just to spice it up. He thought I looked super sexy. He said, "You know blue is my favorite color, I love that on you, you look beautiful!" I just smiled. I was ready to do his facial so I could eat my dinner, relax with him and just cuddle.

When he got on my table, my intentions were to send healing and love through my touch. I started his facial. I had reggae music playing because that's James' favorite genre. (He commented about that too.) As soon as I put cleanser on his face and started to massage it in, James starts to moan! I said, "I just started!"

He said, "I love your hands on my face though. It feels really good. Im so relaxed, he sighed."

When I got to the massage portion, I did a cranium pull and let me tell you guys... Boy does James have a big old heavy head! That thing was tough to hold for two minutes. When I massaged his neck, I found two knots on either side. I told him he needed a medical massage, not a relaxing one. I had hooked him up with a massage therapist friend of mine, so he had a free massage coming his way. I told him I set it up, he just needs to find the time to go. He was so grateful! I just smiled and kissed him. 

When his facial gel mask was on, i asked him if he wanted his hands or feet massaged. He opted for hands. That put him right to sleep. I finished his facial and turned the light out. Just let him relax and rest. He works hard, and deserves his peace. 

He didn't stay there long though. I had gone upstairs to get my food and eat. He came up less than 10 minutes later. He thanked me for the facial. I thanked him for dinner. He said, "I just ordered it. I know what you like and dislike, so it was no biggie. And you know what? Thanks for bringing that out of me."

I said, "Bring what out of you?"

"Just me being more assertive and leading. It makes things easier," James said.

I responded with a puzzled look.

"Like instead of me asking you what you want to eat, I just order it. And you're gonna eat it," James continued. 

"Ahhh I understand," I replied. "But I wasn't just talking about food." (James was referring to a conversation we had last week about him stepping up in the relationship and taking more responsibility and leadership role if he really wants me to consider marrying him.)

"I know," He said. "But that's just an example." I nodded in agreement. 

We talked about men and women and gender roles and all that. I told him that I had zero interest in trying to be a man. I would be happy to have another decision maker around and I don't mind letting him do his man thing. I need that, actually. Call me old fashioned. But life is easier when women let men be men. I asked James whether he wanted to put the tv on or continue listening to music and talk. He said he wanted to keep talking. We talked all night with reggae playing in the background. 

James reminded me that we need to do a YouTube video too. I'll get right on it! 

Great night. As usual. 

I'm looking goofy and he looks normal SMH

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