Thursday, April 23, 2015

Setting Goals

James and I have been settling into our relationship, and things are starting to gel into a solid.
I think if I lived in the same county as his kids school, he would be over my place every day. 
Talking to each other is still our favorite activity together. 
James recently started calling me every morning and night, holding hour+ long conversations. His calling me isn't what's extraordinary, we've been doing that since I started school. What's different is that now, he's holding longer conversations. It used to be simple check-ins after school (if I called) or after work (if he worked overnight).
Now it's full blown conversation. We recap about the night before, or continue a conversation from a week ago. We plan the evening, or just sweet talk each other. 
We sincerely love and care for each other.
We talk about having a future and setting goals together. It's really good. 
James' only complaint is that I am still holding things from him. But my opening up will take time. But I know I trust him. 
I will tell him the stuff I've always been scared to tell others. In fact, just The other day, James asked me to talk to him and tell him what was on my mind. 
I wanted to tell him what was bothering me, but I couldn't. I do feel myself warming up to James more each day. One day I'll let myself really lean on his shoulder. I'm so close. 
So glad he's mine! I feel like I can do anything with him by my side. 
Our immediate goal is to get rid of credit card debt impiety in 12 months. We've already started cutting back on frivolous spending and knocking back extra payments. 
Then, next year, we plan to take a luxury vacation! Maybe even as early as January if I am diligent. 
Anyway, things are great. Unfortunately, I think I have PMS. Poor James...

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