Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Birthday Date plus Sunday

this is where i got the mug cake idea
Last Thursday was Hunky Teacher Guy’s birthday. We spent the day together. He didn’t have to tutor because he moved his sessions to Wednesday in order for us to have more time together on my day off. He sent me a text message Weds night asking me to think about meeting him after work that evening. It took me about two hours to reply, because he gets off around 2am. So in my mind, I was considering what this meant. Was it an invitation to spend the night, or was it an invitation to SPEND the night? Three or four hours later, HTG texted me again asking me whether I was going to meet him in the wee hours of the morning. I responded, “Yes.” I decided that if it went there, then it went there. At this point we’ve been seeing each other consistently since the second to the last week in June. I know Im attracted to him, and I felt that I wouldn’t regret it if I did sleep with him. I just don’t think he would spend so much time and money to just get laid. Not for nearly two months. IF he was all about the booty, I think he would have disappeared by now. In anticipation of possible coitus, I chose pretty underwear that matched! And I lathered on my favorite body smoothing lotions. I primped and preened for an extra half hour making sure I was damned near perfect! I even took a nap so I would be refreshed. I was trying to find a birthday present for him, but being that it was only 7 weeks in, I decided to make him a mug cake. I think that it shows enough aforethought without overdoing it. Besides, I had most of the ingredients in my pantry anyway. I just needed whipped cream, which I forgot to buy. I texted him to buy some whipped cream. He texted me back asking me did I need it for something involving me putting the cream on him. I ignored that text. The first time I made the cake, it came out too hard, so I redid it, and it came out really well. I covered the mug in plastic wrap, threw some blueberries, raspberries and cut up strawberries into a Ziplock, then ran out the door. (I was running behind due to the mishap with the first mug cake) The drive was short, and I spoke with my girlfriend, D, most of the way. We both were giddy about my day ahead. It was almost 3am, and Im glad she was up, because she helped ease my jitters and made me laugh. I reached his subdivision, and texted him that I was here and to meet me outside. I told him I would have my brake lights on, so he’d be able to find me easily. Soon, he was at my car door, opening it. I got out and hugged him. Then we walked to his place. I went upstairs and immediately went into the kitchen to prep HTG’s birthday dessert. He sat at the dinette looking laid back. Luckily the cake was still warm, because HTG doesn’t own a microwave. And if it had turned cold, there would have been no way to reheat it. I cut the cake in half, put in some fruit, and then whipped cream. I put the other half of the cake on and covered that with fruit and cream. Then I walked into the dining area singing Happy Birthday in a fast pace, because I was nervous and didn’t want to look like a moron trying to sing like Marilyn Monroe or something. At first I didn’t even sing. I just said “Happy birthday!” Then I thought better of it, and sang it. He was impressed. He said, "Guess I totally had the wrong idea about that whipped cream." I nodded. He told me he’s glad I didn’t buy anything because handmade gifts are always better. I smiled. HTG offered me some mug cake. The cake was waaay too dense and wayyy too sweet! I probably should have made a test cake at home just to be sure of the turnout, but I was too lazy to do that, and now I was paying for my lack of preparation. So to compensate by adding more berries and cream when HTG had eaten half of the treat. He shared some with me again, and it tasted better with the cream. I told him he didn’t have to eat it if he didn’t like it, but he said he did like it. I noticed he didn’t eat it all, but it’s cool because he ate most of it. Next, we went out on his balcony and sat down just talking and enjoying the night air. Soon HTG said he was tired. I told him I was enjoying the night and wanted to stay out just five minutes more. He relented and sat back patiently while I chilled. Once we went inside, he told me that I smelled as good as that dessert I’d made him. I giggled. He nibbled on my neck. In my head, I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was very gentle and used deliberate motions. He kissed me for what seemed like forever, all the while caressing my shoulders and arms and sometimes reaching down under my dress to rub my butt. The whole time all I could think was, “Is this really happening?! and Oh, I hope he doesnt touch that pimple on my butt, because it's sore!” Next, HTG led me to his bedroom doorway. I was nervous. I went with him, but suddenly became shy about disrobing. Might sound silly at my age, but his body looks so perfect to me that I was ashamed of my flaws. I took off my dress, but held it in front of my body and leaned against a wall while he briefly turned away from me to light candles he had around his room. He walked over to me and lowered my hand, totally exposing me and whispered, “You’re fine.” I took a deep breath and dropped the dress.
Sorry everyone, but I can’t tell much more about that evening than what you just read.
When we woke up later that day, we went to get lunch, and then came back to his place for a movie. He’d bought two movies from Amazon. One, a comedy about car salesmen and the other was A Bronx Tale. Both of these movies pertained to me in one way or another. I didn’t realize that until just now, as I write this post. I should probably tell him thanks for being so thoughtful. I left in the evening before he left for work. He walked me to my car and told me that it was a special day for him and that he thinks Im special. He said it was a big deal to be with him for his birthday the entire day. I looked at him and said, “I’m the one who’s supposed to say that!” He smirks and says, “Hey, I just call it like I see it.” I called him a cocky bastard as he walked away. He looked over his shoulder as I placed one foot in the car, and said, “Probably talk to you tonight.” I reply, “Yeah, probably.” Then drove off.
Sunday, I went to HTG's to watch Breaking Bad. I'd never watched the show before, so HTG explained the show in a nutshell. It was interesting. We cuddled up on his couch, and watched the show. HTG was good about filling me in on things every time the commercial came on so I wasnt totally lost. At one point he got up and made what I call a "manssert." You know, the type of confection only a single dude could come up with? He comes into the living room with a bowl filled with whipped cream, blueberries and broken graham crackers. I laughed and I think he got offended. I said, "Its just that this is such a man dessert!" But I have to admit that it was tasty. We shared the bowl. We watched Family Guy and then the night began to wind down, so I told HTG I was about to leave. He puts me in a leg lock around my waist. I said, "Hey! Don't do your jujitsu on me! It isnt fair. I dont know that stuff." He said, "Where you goin? You aint going nowhere." So I had to watch the rest of Family Guy in a leg lock. But it was sweet. He wasnt trying to hurt me. My head was on his chest, but I was afraid I was smashing his junk. I asked him whether I was, and he told me I wasnt. We just lay there like that for a while, and then I started to kiss him, and he smiled. I decided not to spend the night, but we made out and I think he's sweet.
I think this week we are going to take advantage of Restaurant Week. I want tapas!! I know many of you are thinking I shouldnt have slept with him just yet, and many of you think I waited too long. Well, I move at my own pace. We will see if his behavior switches up. He seems like a good guy though. Time will tell.
It ALWAYS does.

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