Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting to know the Counselor over a book and good Pho

i LOVE pho
The last week has been sort of uneventful, but I did see Hunky Teacher Guy this past Thursday and then again on Sunday. This post isnt about him though. I promise to fill you in on those dates in later posts! This post is about a guy I met on OK Cupid. I know I didnt tell you guys I had an account there, but I do. Anyway, we will call this guy the Counselor. He's Asian, tall, and pretty handsome. Very charismatic and funny. During our first phone conversation, I was a little put off by how forthcoming he was, but eventually I warmed up to his personality. He asked a lot of questions, and I didnt like that initially, but it turned out okay. We talked about dating online, and how we both preferred to meet people ASAP because we hate catfish. It took us a while to determine where to meet, but eventually decided to meet at Barnes and Noble in Springfield after our conversation on the phone. I arrived on time (yay!) and he was already there waiting near the front of the store. We walked the aisles for a bit, just making small talk. He told me I was really pretty and I look better in person. I told him he was handsome too and I was glad that he was tall. He joked about Asians being short, and then invited me to dinner. We found a small spot that served Pho, and had a blast. He is a really good conversationalist and I found my self laughing a lot. Turns out, he is in a similar situation I am in, as far as dating someone and kind of wondering where it is going. I told him that I'd been out on several dates with a guy, but wasnt sure it was going anywhere, which is why I was on the site that day. I hadn't been on the site in nearly three weeks. He said he was trying to figure out his own feelings and wondering why he was on the site, when he has clear indications that the woman he has been dating wants to be exclusive. We decided to keep things light and to contact each other in a week with updates to the progress of our situations. He plans to have a sit-down with the lady he has been seeing. Me, I don't really plan on having the "exclusivity" talk just yet. My gut tells me to wait. But what I am doing is dialing back a little on my communications with HTG to gauge his response and then take it from there. That's all for now!

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