Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hunky Teacher Guy / Life-Size Action Figure

imagine wolverine posed this way and you have hunky teacher guy

Okay, so last week, I think Friday, I went to Occoquan to meet a potential date for a drink. He is an elementary education teacher. He also practices mixed martial arts. Although I knew some of this from his dating profile, I didn’t expect to see what I saw when we met.
So, we met at this place called Maddigan’s on the waterfront.  Great spot. Pretty place. Great drinks.
Wait, let me rewind. So on his POF profile, he has a picture that judging from the background, was obviously taken at the school where he teaches. The photo is hilarious. He’s posing like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, except his head is tilted downward.
So, he’s cute and a little on the buff side, from what I can tell in his pics. I messaged him first, and was surprised to get a response. I only left a comment for his uncle Rico picture.  I said, "Ummmm No!" But he seemed interested by his response, so next message, I left him my number. Two days later, he calls and we chat for a bit. I told him he seems frustrated with life. He said he was a bit frustrated with POF, dating in general, and life in general. I told him he sounds like a downer. But on the other hand, he was really funny, so Im thinking maybe he simply has a dry sense of humor. People like that can be hard to read.
While school is out, he moonlights as a bouncer at a club in DC. I told him I wanted to meet him in person. He hesitated, before he agreed. I was feeling in a take charge mood, so I kind of pushed him to come. He chose the place though. I appreciated that his first instinct was to ride out to me. Even though we don’t live that close. Its always a good sign when the guy volunteers to come to you. So anyway, he suggests Maddigans and turns out, he’s from the Woodbridge area anyway.
I get to the restaurant (LATE oops) and Im thinking he may have left, because although he has a sense of humor, he seems pretty no-nonsense as well. And being 15 minutes late may be grounds for abandonment. But naw, he was there waiting.
He chose to sit at a table all the way in the back of the restaurant outside. It had just finished raining. But I guess he felt more comfortable outside. He texted me earlier saying he was in the back wearing a t-shirt and jeans with sandals. I couldn’t even find my way outside, but a helpful waiter pointed me to the correct door that led to the deck. I was imagining walking up on an attractive guy with an athletic build wearing a black tee and jeans. What I saw was close, but no cigar.
Now, he did warn me that he was better looking in person, and I believed him, but he is like, HOT.
When I walked up, his back was to me, so the first thing I saw was a gray wife-beater. (That did NOT impress me) and ripped jeans with sandals. I noticed brown hair and from his side profile, a little scruffy 5’oclock shadow. I thought, “Damn! He’s hot. But I hope he is not trying to impress me coming up here looking like Wolverine from X-Men.”
He’s Italian and Irish and something else, he told me. So that explains the hairy chest and arms. (which I find super sexy) But when I say athletic build, Im talking B-U-F-F. He’s on the shorter side though. I think he’s 5,9. He was tanned and had brownish green eyes. But I wouldn’t call them hazel. More brown than green. He had just enough stubble on his face and his hair was disheveled deliberately Im thinking. He really looked like he could be in a movie as an action hero. And trust me, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. His pecs, his biceps... whew! His chest hair was trimmed and neat. I commented that he didnt have to come looking like Wolverine with his pepperonis all showing!
Ladies were staring at him. I noticed it all. When he wiped off my chair, one woman even asked him to wipe hers, but being the smartass he is, he turned her down. (BAM, Bitch he don’t work here!!)
But looks aside, he was easy to talk to. Still seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. He also told me that he looked at all my pics and I look better in person. He liked the way I wore my hair and he likes my smile. I said I was gonna wear it down. He told me it looked just fine the way it was. He also said I looked homely in my pics online!!!   I said, “Homely means ugly.” He said, “No it doesn’t.” I said, “Oh, yes it does Mr. English teacher.” I said, well I must not be too homely for you to ask me out. He said just the pic of me in the field I look like a hippie, and homely. Maybe he meant it in the sense of at home and comfortable, but still, I was insulted a bit. After we got past that HOMELY, I told him his cologne smelled bad. I didn’t like it at all for him. He said he wasn’t insulted. He was glad for the feedback. I told him that if he was my man, I would put him in D&G Light Blue. He said he wasn’t wearing cologne; it was a Bath and Body Works man spray. I told him to stop using it.
Anyway, our hour went by kind of fast, and he actually stayed a little longer than he planned because we had a good time. Before we left Maddigan's, he went to the restroom. That was when I took an opportunity to call my homegirl, D. I said, "OMG, girl, he's actually hot!" She said, "Stop!" I said, "No, he's really handsome and pretty cool." But before I could get into detail, I spotted him walking toward me. So I quickly told my friend, "Oooh girl, he's coming now!" and hung up. Since he saw me on the phone, I fessed up and told him I was telling my girlfriend about him. And he asked me was I going to share his "Uncle Rico" picture with her. I lied, and told him, "No."

He walked me to my car and gave me a hug. He asked me whether he was supposed to kiss me. I said, no, because he hadn’t spent enough money on me, and he said he wanted to see me again, and this time he would buy me shrimp. (I had commented on the shrimp I saw at another table earlier) I said, “We will work out our schedules. But hopefully soon.”
Since then we have texted and spoken over the phone a little. He asked about a place in Woodbridge called Oasis. But Im not sure that club is still open. Anhow, I told him that in two weeks we can go out again, but he said, “No thank you. Too long.” So maybe this week, but I have a super busy week so two weeks is more likely.  I like this guy. But Im going to be cautious cuz he’s too hot.  And being Italian and Irish, Im sure he has a bad temper. He’s also a Leo, and they are bossy! Although he told me he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Only time will tell. My mom said, “If he’s as fine as you say he is, he definitely ain’t sleeping alone at night!”
She’s probably right. But at this point I don’t care about that. Im not jumping in bed with him.
Im sure there will be a follow-up date. Best part about all this is I told myself I dont date white guys. But you know how the saying goes, "Never say, never."

Keep ya posted,



Anonymous said...

Avoid intimate situations with him so that your judgment is not clouded by his hotness. The last thing you need is to become just a notch on his belt. Your mom has a valid point. Be careful as well don't let your guard down just yet, because you can't know a person in one or two dates. Be different. -RealHonest112-

Sha'ahn said...

our 6 hour date was awesome, and no physical moments. the funny thing is im not that physical into him for some reason

Anonymous said...

What's so wrong with him having children? Don't you have a son? What is his thoughts about that? Ever thought that he too may have a problem being a step parent...?

Sha'ahn said...

Hunky teacher guy doesn't have children. But I will answer your question, I've considered that and just am not comfortable with it. I've never dated anyone with small children.. I don't think I want to have any more children or raise anymore. My son is a teen. Not sure I want to go back to elementary age.

Sha'ahn said...
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