Friday, June 7, 2013

Speed Dating DC @ Church & State (This is from last year... sorry)

 So, remember I told you that I signed up for speed dating about a YEAR ago? Sorry that I never posted how it went. Here's what happened:

Well, after months of trying to register (unsuccessfully, because it was constantly sold out) for an event, I finally got a date confirmed. I had to wait for about two months because of the waiting list. I kind of had forgotten about it because I was focused on my new career and dating was just not on my high priority "to-do" list.
When I received the reminder email yesterday, I sent a note to my homegirl (who'd agreed to sign up with me) to ask her whether she was still down to go. She was, so I couldn't back out. Don't think that because I was going to back out that I have given up on love, because I havent. Its just that my new job takes me out of town A LOT, and Im about to leave in a couple weeks, so I didnt see the point in meeting someone, just to leave. You know? So anyway, I did decide to go because I had already paid for my spot, and plus it was a way to hang out before I left for my new job. Oh, and by the way, its a good thing I did show up, because these events are carefully matched up so that everyone has someone to talk to throughout the evening.

I get to Church & State, and walk upstairs. It was odd that the place has pews and stained glass windows, and a real confessional which was occupied by a makeup artist there to help the ladies look their best before meeting the gents. My makeup was already done, so I passed, but the makeup artist and her sister were really cool. I was greeted by the host and she made me feel welcome. She gave me my number and a rating card. The men would rotate and have five minutes with each lady. At the end of the night, the cards would be turned in and if there was a mutual interest, the parties would be notified within two or three days.

My friend and i had arrived early, so we chatted up the MUA and her sister. Other singles started coming in and I noticed that many of them, male and female, looked rather plain and some were downright nerdy. Many were not even well dressed. Made me wonder whether they even tried at all. I was thinking, "wow, is that the best you can do?" I don't know who some of them were trying to attract but I didnt think they would fare very well. After appraising my competition and potential "dates," I concluded that I was in a room full of losers. Immediately I thought, "I think maybe Im a loser too for being here."

I mean some women looked as though they just rolled out of bed. Some of the guys were plain old weird and some of the girls were plain old PLAIN.

I was dressed impeccably as usual. Hair, makeup, dress, shoes and accessories were all on point. Not to dressy, not too plain. My outfit showed my personality and taste. I dressed to impress and received some compliments. Which is cool.

Anyway, after everyone arrived, (Or nearly everyone, because initially I was told that one guy didnt show, so for one round, I'd be solo) the speed dating began. My first guy was Hispanic, short and very funny. I liked his conversation, but wasnt too thrilled overall.

I honestly cant remember the rest. I know one of the guys was from Turkey or Greece and another was from California. I remember the guy from California, because he was very funny. And buff. LOL
When I got home I had an email that told me who liked me and to my surprise only one guy liked me enough to pass on his email. Not that I really found anyone that interesting, but my ego was insulted for sure. I wonder how the plain Janes did.

I digress...

So the person who had mutual feelings was the Filipino guy from Cali. We emailed each other and later set a date to meet. I was leaving the following Friday to begin working on the cruise ship, so we didnt have a lot of time. He was in the Navy, so he said he could handle the distance.

Our meetup was nice. We met in DC in Chinatown. Had Haagen Das and Auntie Anne's and called it a night. Conversation was good and everything.  But something wasnt clicking with me about him. He'd never been in a relationship longer than a year and he was in his early 40s. Serial dater??? No thanks!

and guess what? i saw him on Plenty of Fish... I guess the guy cant stop fishing. I think that's the drawback to online dating. Even if you find someone you like, you're still tempted to see who messaged you. I dont have that problem myself, but I notice other people do. That's what Im hoping doesnt happen with doctor guy....

Time will tell. (She always does)

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