Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fire and Air....

So a day after I send the letter on POF to this cutie, I receive a text message that told me who it was and that he looked forward to meeting me. I was happy to get the message, after not getting responses for days at a time. And even though I was pretty sure that he would call or text, I just wasnt really sure. You know?

My cousin was with me at the time i got the first text and I started telling her about him. I set my phone down on the kitchen table and next thing you know my cousin is like, my daughter is calling someone. I looked at the phone in the toddler's hand and wouldnt you know it, she's calling this guy! Im like, OMG, he probably thinks Im a nut! Because we just ended our text conversation. When he answered the phone, he seemed cool though. And me being nervous, rambled about nonsense. He said he had some work to get done, and so we got off the phone.

Needless to say I was thinking I would never hear from him again. But I did. LOL He actually texted me the next day, and I called him (on purpose this time), and we spoke for a bit. He was nice and had a laid back personality. I told him I had some free time and I wanted to meet. He said he would try to get his work done and that he would text me the next day, but should be able to meet.

The next day I didnt hear from him until like 5pm and he texts me asking me to meet him at 6 in Arlington. Im like, uhhhh I just washed the dog, so I need to get dressed. I texted him back 645. Unfortunately due to traffic and whatnot, I ended up getting there like 715. We went to Cafe Asia on Wilson in Arlington. Its a nice area, but really populated. I was a little disappointed at how crowded the restaurant was, but the good thing is, that we were seated outside, so it wasnt too loud. I mean, he asked me to repeat myself a few times, but it was okay overall.

At first I wasnt sure what to think because he showed me to my seat and didnt pull out my chair, and he was also a bit brisk. I was thinking, "Oh well, he must not be diggin my face."  I thought he looked a lot better in person than he did in his photos. I was pleasantly surprised.

He ordered for me, and I had no issue with that. I like when guys order for me and take charge. The food looked delicious. We had a shrimp roll first. and it came with chopsticks. Im not very good at using them, and I really wanted to grab the thing with my hand, but I waited to see what he would do. He grabbed the chopsticks, so I grabbed mine. I told him I wasnt very good eating with them. He told me I was holding them the right way. But its like super intimidating to eat with chopsticks in front of someone who probably was raised using them. I didnt want to look like an idiot. I kind of had a problem keeping the food in my mouth though. It was as though I wasnt putting the sticks far enough into my mouth because I kept having to catch food, or kind of like suck it into my face!

Anyway, he ordered me Drunken Noodle, which turned out to be good. I told him I wanted more spice, so he got the waitress to bring me more spice. As I was putting it on, I noticed he was watching me, and being as though he specializes in like intestines and stuff, I was self-conscious about eating too much spice. So even though the food still wasnt spicy enough for me, I put the pepper down.

I asked him about his day and he told me it was full of crap. Being as though thats what he deals with all day LITERALLY. LOL And we joked about that. He is super funny. Had me laughing the whole evening. He asked me about working on Carnival, and all the other jobs Ive held. I made a comment about his body, he looks like he works out, and I told him I was gonna check out his bum when he got up. I barely made a dent in my food, because the portion was HUGE. He on the other hand ate ALL of his food which was the basil chicken. When he was first served, he actually put some on my plate to taste, which was nice. Anyway after he cleaned his plate, I said, how could you eat all that? He replied, "Because it was in front of me. That's how my mom raised me." I said, "Wow, you're so small, where did it go?" He told me he was stuffed. I couldnt even eat half mine. But I offered him to eat it. He made a joke about that too, me saying how stuffed he looked but then shoving my plate  toward him to eat. Then we talked about how we handled not eating food we didnt like as children. I told him I used to hide it in the A/C heating vents, or throw it behind the stove. He burst out laughing. He said he just wouldnt open his mouth to eat.

At the end I ordered the sticky rice with mango. It was tasty. He tasted a bit, but not much since he was stuffed and all. I found out that he lived in my hometown of Philadelphia for several years. I was happy to hear that. We made jokes about the City of Brotherly Love, and were trying to come up with modern day reasons why it carries that moniker. All of which had me laughing.

It was about time to go. Neither of us really wanted to go, but it was getting late, and I felt like he needed to walk off the food, so we decided to go. When I stood up, I noticed he didnt. And at first I was thinking, "Huh?" but then I remembered the "Im gonna check out your rear end" statement I made earlier in the night. He actually would not let me walk behind him. Then as we were walking side by side, I tried to peek, but he does a back bend! So both of us are walking like we're doing the limbo.

After that, we just made light conversation as we made it to my car. He commented that my car was nice, and me, not good at taking compliments, said, "Yeah, but its old." (SMH gotta work on that)

I asked him what he thought about me and he said he thought I was a very interesting person, and he had a good time. I told him he was funny, and I had a good time too. I asked him whether he dated a Black woman before because I didnt want to be the experiment. He said he had. I asked how many, and he said just one. Im not too sure he was telling the truth about that one, but I let it slide. I did mention he blinked when he said it, but let it go. He said he really did. I said, "Alright." We exchanged last names and spoke a bit about our schedules. We agreed to see each other again.

So after that, it was time to go. I gave him a hug, and he didnt let go, so I kept hugging him a bit, and then he pulled back a little to lean in for a kiss. I let him kiss me. But no French kissing. Of course he tried. But I let him know I wasnt dissing him, and gave him another kiss just to show I was interested, but I wasnt interested in going there just yet.

That was pretty much it. As he was walking away I got in my car and pulled up near him, rolled my window down, and shouted, "You walking or working?" He laughed. I told him he look good! He laughed again, and then I drove on home.

The best part about the date was he didnt look at his cellphone  ONCE!! That's hot! 

That night I asked him for a picture and this is what he sent:

He's a trip. He asked me for five pics in exchange for ONE! Hahaha he's a mess. I said, that's not fair, This pic you sent isnt even real. He eventually did send me one though. A REAL one. LOL

I definitely want to get to know him better. He texted me today.  I'd like to have another date with him in the near future to post about, but if its just that one, its okay, cuz I had a blast.

BTW, I did tell him last night that I had a dating blog, but hadnt planned to post about our date, but he asked why not, and I told him why. He said it was my blog and I could post what I wanted. So I take that as a green light to post about our date.

THE END  (for now...)

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