Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This photo drew me in, so I messaged her

Hello, hopefully you guys were anticipating my second entry.  I thought for this one, I would discuss how I made the transition from "dating" Sha'ahn to committing to Sha'ahn. 

By committing, I mean treating her and respecting her as if we were married. I think if you truly love your partner and you mutually want to get to the point of marriage or a life partnership, one of you need to initiate these actions. It needs to be discussed, but inevitably, someone has to make the first move. I think I went first. I don't know what she may say, though. Ha Ha!  

For me, introducing her to my kids was an action that signified that I was ready to take our relationship up a level. It's always hard to show your cards first. I think Sha'ahn let on early that she was taking me seriously simply by letting me into her personal space, but initially, it was only physically (in person), but not mentally (dating).  

My advice to anyone, guy or girl, is to try to show your cards together, or be bold and you be the initiator. Show your significant other that you want to step things up, by your actions. That is something a woman always says, including Sha'ahn, "your actions speak volumes."

Well news for the men out here, we can say that TOO! HA!! Also, I've always said of both parties that when you want to be serious, don't start off your relationship doing anything you won't be willing or able to do five or 10 years from now. 

Once you both are "there", I think it can be easy if you share the same focus as to which direction you want to take your relationship. Yes, you guys must be on the same page as far as goals, finances, morals... but we all know that. What I'm saying is that It goes deeper. 

It goes into your deeper feelings, and love for that person. You have to "keep aflame". How? I could tell you a million nice things to do, that may or may not work. You know your partner better than I. So all I can say, is to do what it takes. If you don't know what it takes for that individual specifically, then figure it out, talk, observe, ask if you have to! 

I'm a work in progress myself, but its looking good for Us. I'm loving every minute of it! 

Thanks for reading, leave any questions or comments!  Maybe next post I'll tell you the story of how Sha'ahn and I met. 


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