Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Meeting The Parents

This past Saturday, I drove out to the country to meet James’ parents.

Finding the house wasn’t difficult, but it took me about 40 minutes to get there. There were some backroads, and honestly, when I found the neighborhood, I was reminded of camp grounds or something. That’s literally how rural it is! All farms, and lake houses, and stuff...

I nearly drove past the driveway leading to the house, but luckily I noticed a wooden sign with the family surname carved on it. Honestly, if I had driven there at night, I would have definitely missed the street, and driveway. There are ZERO streetlights out there.

I drove down a long, graveled driveway canopied by trees the whole way. It was a bumpy ride, and I couldn’t help but think about how I would NOT want to deal with snow out there. LOL

You know I was a little nervous, because I haven’t had to meet anyone’s parents since high school, but I was ready! I literally took HOURS to choose my outfit. I just had to impress but still be comfy enough to chill at the lake, and not worry about getting dirt on my clothes. I went with bohemian chic. (I think I was channeling Queen Dany from Game of Thrones) I had my hair in a messy side braid with a jeweled headpiece (necklace re-purposed). I wore feather earrings, and a brass collar necklace.
I wore a maxi skirt and a cotton tank top. I think I was dressed well to chill at the lake, but still be elegant. I really wanted my outfit to impress. (as usual)

Oh, I am getting ahead of myself. Ok, so James’ parents live on a lake. Yes, a lake. Their house is about 100 yards from the lake. James told me that he wanted to have our monthly date night at the lake, so dress appropriately. He wanted to take me out on his jet ski and stuff. I brought shorts along, but I never planned to get in the water, because the forecast called for thunderstorms.

Back to me inside the car... When I was five minutes out, I texted James how close I was, so when I parked, he was already waiting on the front steps of the house. He walked over to my car and opened my door. I was so happy to see him. But my nerves kept me chill. He helped me out, and walked me in. I went inside, hugged his mom, whom I had never met, then ran back outside. Why? I had forgotten my gift for them.

Yes, I know it’s old fashioned, but I was taught that when someone has you over, you bring a gift. His parents don’t drink, so the trusty bottle of wine wouldn’t suffice. I got them a nice easy plant that would work! I got them a Wandering Jew. It’s super easy to grow, and its a pretty purple!

Anyway, I came back into the house, apologized for abruptly running back out, and then properly greeted his parents, thanked them for having me and handed over the plant.

The house is small, but spacious. The main level was the living quarters, and the second level was a loft, where James’ father had made a mancave of sorts for himself, complete with pool table and surround sound. The deck wrapped the length of the house and that was where James was preparing my steak dinner. He had said that for date night, he was gonna prepare a steak dinner for me and then we would enjoy s’mores in front of a bonfire that he was going to light. It sounded so sweet. I was excited!

So after salutations were exchanged, I was invited by James’ father to chat. He got into a golf cart, and motioned for me to do the same. I had no problem walking to the lake. It was only like 100 yards away. But it was hilly, so I guess thats why they use a golf cart? Not sure. But anyway, we rode on down the beautiful lush green lawn to the lake and sat at a table.

When we were seated at the picnic table, James’ father offered me a Corona. Im not a beer drinker, so I gracefully declined. We both stared out at the lake. I remembered James told me his dad was a man of few words, so I started asking questions about the lake and the community. After about five minutes or so, James’ father called for his grandson to cart me back up to the house. I wasn’t sure whether I had passed any type of test or not, because he didn’t really ask me anything about myself. But the vibrations I was picking up were positive, so I just went with what I felt. Hopefully, I was right and he likes me.

After going back to the house, I found James’ mother sitting on the deck. I sat next to her and she offered me a cold beer. Again, I declined, and accepted a bottled water. James’ daughter came out and offered me a small box filled with assorted candy. At first, I declined but then she said there were Nerds in the box, so I HAD to take a box. I love Nerds.

I think his daughter is so cute, in a tomboyish way. Her hair was all wild and sandy reddish brown. She was so sweet too.

I sparked up conversation with James’ mom,  but again, she didn’t ask me much about myself, so I volunteered some basic information about my aspirations and stuff. It was strange to me that I wasn’t “grilled” so to speak. I thought maybe James had told them a lot about me, but I still expected some questions. His mom did tell me that James is very patient and that he cooks AND bakes. I said, “Ohhh I want him to bake me a cake!” She laughed and said he definitely would.

The day was coming along nicely. James was grilling, and I was chilling with his mom. I also met his nephew. Everyone was really kind, and loving. I felt at ease and welcomed.

It began to rain, so we all went inside. James served dinner. Steaks, corn on the cob and potato salad. We also had the brown n’ serve rolls. Unfortunately, the plans to jetski, and sit in front of the bonfire had to be ditched due to rain. So, instead we all played a fast-paced trivia game and then we played charades. His kids are so smart! I was impressed.

It began to get late, so I decided to leave. Before that, James took me to the garage and we talked in private a little. He asked me how I felt and stuff. I told him everyone is great and I look forward to getting to know everyone better. I just wasnt crazy about that drive out there! He said, he would ride me down, so no worries.

All in all, it was a relaxing day. I was probably so nervous for nothing. I really liked everyone. James' mother asked me if I liked the lake and stuff. I told her I did, and she told me that the house next door is for sale.... I'll take that as a good sign. A sign that they like me. But I need to ask James what they said about me to know for sure.

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