Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Territory: Talking Never Gets Old

Last week we spent more time together than usual. Oftentimes, we watch movies or sitcoms together. But mostly, we talk.

We have been seeing each other for six months and our favorite pastime is talking to each other. 

We have confessed to loving the sound of each other's voice. So we can talk for hours. 

Funny part about it is (except for two days) every night last week, we promised to tango in the sheets, but would end up talking til we fell asleep or one of us would doze before the other...

I love him. It's solid now. He feels the same way. In fact he said he thought it was great that we still love to just sit and talk and stare at each other without making a move.

I like the fact that we are growing stronger. 

(This photo was taken during one night last week when we were just talking, talking, talking.... Then sleeping!)

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