Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We Never Make it Outside

Im always telling Dimples that we dont go out enough. Well today, he decided to surprise me and called me in the morning asking me what my schedule was like. It was open, so he said he was gonna pick me up and take me to the driving range.

I hadnt seen him nearly a week, so I was ecstatic. I played it down though and jokingly told him I was gonna go back to sleep (he had called while I was half sleep). I also told him that I was feeling pretty amorous as well.

He said, no, we arent going to fool around. I want to take you out, especially since you complain about us not leaving the house.

I asked why couldnt we do both! He pretty much answered that its because we dont usually have quick episodes, and once we got started, we wouldnt have time for much else.

We hung up and I did stay in bed for a while, before getting up and dressed. As he was coming through my bedroom door, I was in my walk-in closet zipping up my jeans. He came into the closet and hugged me tightly.

We greeted each other and I told him that I was getting dressed and we could leave.

Funny thing is, we just started talking to each other. Sometimes we were quiet and simply stared. That always happens. We get so caught up in each other, that we dont do anything!

He said, "See? This is why we never get out of the house."

One thing led to another and next thing I knew, we were cuddled up watching Bad Granpa.

I don't know what Im gonna do with him.

I told him we would probably be married. He grabbed my face and brought my gaze up to his.

Looking me straight in the eyes, he asked me if I was serious. I said that I was.

I told him that I wanted to try really hard with him to make this work.

He asked me was I really ready to go all the way. I said I was sure.

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