Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Territory: He Made Me Dinner; I Told Him I Already Have A Man

Technically, I was still dating Mr Potential, but I was getting closer to Dimples as each day passed and we talked or texted. He said he wanted to cook dinner for me for our second date. I hadnt had a man cook for me in so long, I couldnt barely remember the last time, so of course I said, "Yes."

He got to my place around 7:30 on the night of our date. When I answered the door, he came in with bags in hand ready to whip up his dish.

I felt strange. Here it is this man in my house, who I've only known a couple weeks, who is acting like he's been here forever. He seemed really at home in my kitchen. He didnt know where I kept anything, but I found it amusing the way he didnt ask, he was just searching for whatever he needed, all the while maintaining a pretty decent conversation.

I asked what was he making and he said a special recipe that he'd invented. I was impressed. I sat back and watched him cook. I remember thinking in my head that Mr P never cooked for me. He never really offered to do anything for me at all. (Besides come up to visit, which does mean a lot given our circumstances in terms of time and money to drive up from NC)

Dimples was chopping things and boiling pasta and making some type of sauce. I was pretending to be working online, but I was scoping him out the entire time.

Once dinner was done, he made my plate and served me. The meal was delicious. It was a pasta with salmon in a creamy tomato sauce. We chatted over our meal, and once we were done, he began to wash the dishes, but I stopped him. He had done too much already. I thought back again to Mr P, who never offered to clean a dish, although I had cooked for him plenty of times.

Up until this point, I hadn't told Dimples that I had a man. I thought this time was the best time to tell him.  He was very understanding. I told him that I was in a relationship, but I was not getting what I was putting in, so my patience was running thin and I was TIRED of being taken for granted. I want attention.

Dimples listened and didnt say too much. He said he was ok with just being friends, and he didnt judge me. (INSTANT BROWNIE POINTS)

Wow, I really like this guy.


Anonymous said...

Aww he us such a gentleman :)

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