Thursday, June 27, 2013

the policymaker

me that evening

Just so you know, I'm posting from my phone, so my advance apologies for any typos...

About a week ago I had a date with a really sweet guy. He's originally from Philadelphia, so that was a plus. He's 40, which is good and he has an awesome career at the Dept of Justice as a policymaker. We met at the spot I usually choose, Micks. He was attractive, but super slim. I'm not into thin but he was nice, so that's alright. He is very open and honest, which was a bit unsettling at first. I mean, he was telling me that he was dating with the intention of finding a wife, and from what he could tell of me so far I met a lot of his criteria at least physically and he wants to get to know me to see if my personality is what he thinks I'm like. He also said he was getting tired of dating around because it gets expensive taking ladies out all the time. I laughed and told him I never thought about that. Guys do put out a lot of money dating.

Anyway, the date was pleasant. Not too exciting, but good. He's polite and very into his two children from a previous marriage.

Doesn't seem to have any mental issues...

At the end of the date he told me that he could tell I'm not attracted to him. I told him I think he's handsome, but just skinny. But that can be worked on. He said he has been working on it. I said that's good. I told him I'm open to getting to know him, I'm just thinking he's a bit too "straight arrow" for me. But he said he likes to be spontaneous. He asked if I wanted to go go carting. I told him yes! So we will be doing that soon.

He even told me he would take a day off work to spend with me on my day off. Sweet, huh?

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Anonymous said...

So he's rail thin, you could fatten him up. LOLYou have anxieties about being a step-mom, but you also have a child. He'd have to be a step-dad. You want a guy, who's caring, loving, loyal, affectionate, a good parent, honest, down-to-earth and thoughtful. You mentioned that he's handsome. All I'm saying is don't write him off so soon and don't let the superficial things rob you of your prince. Open your eyesand weigh the pros and cons. Sometimes the ones we are running away from is the one who is right for us. -RealHonest112-

Sha'ahn said...

yes, but there are other factors to consider, such as his ex is DRAMA!! but he seems nice. we had another date and will prolly go out again. taking it slowly, but not counting him out!