Tuesday, June 4, 2013

and... Im back!

sorry for a year of silence. i decided to take a job working on cruise ships, so i was kind of off the radar for a while. i have of course had several dates since I last posted, and also had a whirlwind romance that lasted all of 5 months! LOL but it was fun and I dont regret a thing. maybe one day i will tell all about it. I actually posted some Youtube vids about it. so i guess you can check those out if i decide to share the link... (Im so mean) While on the ships, i dated a Romanian, a Slovenian and an Indonesian.

anyway, i got home in Dec. I am now working in sales, and have like NO time to meet people, so two weeks ago, I decided to make a profile on Plenty of Fish. Why? because its free. and I dont take it too seriously cuz i havent made a financial investment.

but honestly, i am looking for something solid. keeping my fingers crossed....

alright, so most of the guys who send me messages are not physically my type. i dont even respond to them at all. i usually sort through the "would you meet" section and send messages from there.

the next couple posts will be about who i found and the dates that ensued...



let's go!
come hither

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