Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Entry three: so I got this email from Groupon...

... And it was for 57% off of a ticket to SpeedDCdating. In case you haven't heard of it, these Brits got the bright idea to bring some UK flavor to the US dating scene. They set up the events in really hip trendy spots in the hottest cities across the US. (LA, San Fran, DC, NYC...) They've been all over the telly too. If you dont believe me, Google it.

The ladies receive a complimentary mini-makeover, and then are seated, while the men rotate to the different ladies' tables for about 6-7 minutes at a time. After the coordinated dates are done, the women fill out a follow-up card indicating which guy(s) she may want to see again, and within the week she will receive an email that tells her whether the guy was digging her back.

After the dates, you can stay and mingle at the venue as long as you want. Which is pretty cool too. I think Im getting excited. I've always wanted to try speed dating. Seems like fun and no pressure.

My dilemma now is finding a friend to go with me, and choosing a day. I dont know whether I should wait until after the holidays, or just go sometime before...

I notice that the women's spots sell out quick. I kind of want to wait until after the holidays, but my January is super unpredictable, so I guess I'd better strike for December. Only thing is, Im hoping there wont be slim pickings. I guess if things dont go well, I could always go again. But um, I dont want to pay full price. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa

I guess December it is! Will update after the event in a few weeks.

SpeedDCdating.com, what do you have in store for me?

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